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Backup-For teacher use only

Due 8/6/2012: Page 552-554: 2-10(evens)16-20 (evens);29-32;77-80;113,114, 117-120 

Due 8/8/2012: Complete 10 parametric graphs

Due 8/13/2012: Finish all problems on Day 2 Homework worksheet.

Due 8/16/2012: Day 4 Worksheet

Due 8/20/12: Day 5-6 Worksheets

Due 8/27: Get polar graph paper.AP Calculus BC Multiple Choice due August 27.pdf

Due 9/5: Worksheet 31-34; graph with tables 35-44 (each on a separate polar graph.)

Due 9/10: Part 1AP Calculus BC Homework Assignment on polar areas.doc Part 2:AP Calculus BC Review MC.pdf No calculator for review exercises or for polar areas!!!!!! 

Due 9/12: PAGE 685 5-15 (ODDS)

 Due 9/17:AP Calculus BC review assignment due September 17.pdf

Due 9/24: pg564-565  7-12; 23-51(odds) and page 574-575: 7-14(all), 21, 29,55

Due 9/26: pg 575: 31-38(all) and pg 584: 1-5, 11-14, 21-23, 31-37

Due 10/1: Complete your bookwork and AP CALCULUS BC INFINITE SERIES PART 1.pdf

Due 10/9:AP Calculus BC Assignment due October 8.pdf and page 596: 15-31(odds) and 35-38(all)

Due 10/10: Page 604: 1-18(all)Just do part a. Radius of convergence is half of the interval size.

Due 10/15:BC Review WS due October 15.pdf (last multiple choice: calculator ok; show all your work on every problem)and Ratio Test AP Applications.doc

Due 10/22: Read lesson 9.7 in your book. Page 617: 1-15 odds;AP Calculus BC review due October 22.pdf

Due 10/31: AP Calculus BC review assignment .pdf  and BC Taylor assignment 1.pdf

Due 11/5: Complete your worksheet on Taylor series.

Due 11/7: Page 604-605: 33-38; 39,41, 47 and bring your Barron's books.

Due 11/12:Taylor Assignment 3 due Monday November 12.pdf

Due 11/26: Calculus BC Thanksgiving assignment.pdf:

Due 11/28 BC Taylor with AST.pdf:

Due 12/3: Complete your package. We have a quiz on Monday and test on Wednesday on Taylors. 

Due 12/10 BC Taylor review 3.pdf: First problem on top of the page: ((-1)^n)(n!) is the numerator. Sorry it did not come out. (On a separate sheet). Please study for your test. Our extra credit activity, we will do on Thursday after school in class. Your test is on Wednesday.

FINAL EXAM: DECEMBER 17-90 MINUTES (30 PROBLEMS). MONDAY: 2:50-3:10 REVIEW OF STUDY GUIDE; 3:10-4:40 FINAL EXAM  STUDY GUIDE: BARRON'S PAGE 599-606 (SKIP 25)  AND TEST 2 PAGE 621-630. Parametric and vector formulas and sequence tests.pdf

Due January 7,2013: Euler Method assignment.pdf and BC Review due January 7.pdf Complete the Euler method assignment handout. For Decastro and Alex, I put an example on the bottom of the page. If you have any questions, please email me. BC review is NO CALCULATOR.

Due January 9,2013: Calculus BC Review 1 Differential equations.pdf

Due January 14, 2013: BC review of slope fields.pdf On the handout: pg 189: 1-6; pg 190-191: 1-4 (Multiple Choice) and 192-195: 1-20 ; Solve the problems and show your solutions and answers on a separate sheet. Also complete your worksheet that is given in class. 

Due January 22,2013 :BC differentiation rules review.pdf Please review all differentiation rules: chain, product, and quotient rules;  exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions derivatives, IVT, MVT, logarithmic differentiation and implicit differentiation. Bring your Barron's books with you on Tuesday. 

Due January 28,2013: BC Assignment due January 28.pdf.

Due February 4,2013: BC Area Volume review.pdf

Due February 11,2013: Area Volume review final.pdf  Attention: We will take our test on Tuesday(February 12) after school. On Monday, we will go over the concepts and Barron's problems. Tuesday: the test; Wednesday: Logistic function and integration review.So I see you three days in a row.

Due February 21,2013: BC Logistic, partial fraction and integration review 1.pdf; We start our integration review. Please bring on wednesday your barron's and textbooks. There will be a short drill on logistic functions too. The class will be  : 3-5 pm. Please make your plans accordingly. 

Due February 25,2013: BC review assignment due February 25.pdf:We have 2 quizzes. The class will be 2 hours: 3-5pm. We will work on integration review!!!!

Due March 11,2013: Integration review BC.pdf  and  : BC Practice test.pdf : For the test, please time yourself. Multiple choice Part 1: 55 min, Part 2: 50 min; Free response: Part 1: 30 min (questions 1-2-calculator) and part 2: 1 hr (3-6 no calculator)

Due March 13,2013: Part I: Strategies for Word Problems AP Calculus final.doc  Part 2: BC Story Review 2.pdf

Due March 18: BC review mc due March 18.pdf;  AP Calculus BC Assignment due Monday March 18.doc:

Review Test: Integration methods including differential equations, Euler method, logistics, all integration methods and story problems. Date: 3/19/13 

Due March 26: Just the class handout given on Wednesday.

Test on parametric functions: Thursday March 28

Due April 8: BC Practice easter test.pdf (please time yourself) and Polar review.pdf. Quiz on polars on Monday 4/8/13. Final 1: April 10. 

Due April 15: Finish your series worksheets. No additional homework.Study all the rules on sequences. We have a drill on rules on Monday-CLOSED BOOK, NO NOTES OR WORKSHEETS!!!!!. Also: let's meet next Tuesday and Thursday during lunch (12:25-12:55) in addition to Monday and Wednesday classes. This way, I will not interfere with play practice.So, next week, we meet after school: Monday and Wednesday 3-5pm, and during lunch Tuesday and Thursday 12:25-12:55pm. I hope you will like this schedule. 

Due April 17: The assignment will be given tomorrow in class.

Due April 22: Review of convergent sequences and series.pdf Do only problems 12-16 and BC Taylor review package.pdf do only firs two pages. Skip the last page- special concepts 8-10.

Due Monday April 29:  BC final review mc and free response.pdf Please check your emails for your extra credit project and updates for next week.

Due Monday 6: Our last meeting....Please complete your binders. See you in class.


Due 8/12: Complete your Day 3 and 4 parametric functions.

Due 8/19: AP Calculus BC Multiple Choice due August 19.pdf  and bring polar graph paper (you can find online) and your Honors Pre-calculus book if you still have it.

Due 8/21: Polar BC.pdf: problems 9-11;20-22;31-34;35-38 

Due 8/26: Polar area assignment BC.pdf No calculator except the one indicated. Last page: only the circled problems. Do not forget the other two problems on your worksheet that you received yesterday.

Due 8/28: pg 685: 5-19 (odds)

Due 9/4 :Polar slope and parametric review assignment.pdf: You can use calculator for questions 10-12 on parametric review. We may go up to 5 pm on Wednesday....Have a great Labor Day weekend.

Due 9/10: Polar Assignment calculus topics.pdf: all problems-calculator allowed except 1 and where indicated.

Due 9/16: Use this link to brush up your geometric series knowledge and complete the following worksheet: BC review of infinite geometric series.pdf and review worksheet (just the multiple choice portion-do not solve the free response):AP Calculus BC review assignment due September 16.pdf

Due 9/18:Page 564-565: 5-10; 25-55 (odds) and page 574-575: 15, 16, 23-35 odds,

Due 9/23:  AP CALCULUS BC INFINITE SERIES PART 1.pdf  and page 584: 12-24(all) and 27-35(odds)

Due 9/25: Complete your series worksheet and study the flowchart. We have a quiz on Wednesday.

Due 9/30: Page 590: 15-21;  Page 596: 11-19 (odds); Page 604: 1-12 (all-DO ONLY PART A) (Read example 3 on page 599)

Due 10/7: :BC Review WS due October 7.pdf and complete your power series worksheet.  Calculator: last page only. (Starting problem 83)

Due 10/14: No extra homework. Please do your best on the class worksheet problems.

Due 10/16: Complete your class worksheets.

Due 10/24: Your AP free response worksheet + AP Calculus BC review due October 24.pdf

Due 10/28: Midterm - 3 free response and 10 multiple choice . 1 polar-1 parametric-1 Taylor. I try to post some review material. Your next class will be Wednesday-3:45-5:00 Sorry I could not do it earlier due to a meeting. I will post homework for Wednesday tomorrow.

Midterm Study Guide: Parametric and vector formulas and sequence tests.pdf For polar functions: visit: 'Paul's online notes: Calculus II. ' (Google: polar calculus-the first 3 links are Paul's online notes. They are really good) For Taylor review, complete :BC Taylor assignment 1.pdf . Also, study Barron's problems on sequences and series.

Due October 30: Taylor Maclaurin differentiation integration worksheet.pdf

Due November 4: We have a quiz on Monday. Please study and complete: Taylor review for quiz 1.pdf

Due November 6: No Homework; Enjoy!!!!

Due November 11: Lagrange Assignment.pdf: Note-we meet 1-2:30 pm today due to early dismissal.

Due November 13: Lagrange Assignment 2.pdf

Due November 18: Taylor Maclaurin Review 2.pdf

Due December 2: BC Taylor and review Thanksgiving.pdf

Due December 4: Page 625: 37-45(odds) + Taylor AP Practice.pdf

Due December 9: We have a Taylor series and Infinite series (convergence and divergence) test today. Here is your assignment: Taylor Exam Review assignment.pdf. Also study Barron's problems. I strongly recommend that: 1. Go over Chapter 10 on Barron's and solve problems starting page 440-448. It is a great preparation for Taylor and infinite series. 2. Textbook resources: You need to master Table 9.1 on page 564; Table 9.2 on page 595; Frequently used Maclaurin series on page 624: All of them except ln(1+x/1-x) and Binomial series. Practice exercises on page 626-627 will be beneficial. Page 626-627: 1-45 odds; 49-63 (odds) 73-76 (These problems are for study guide purpose only. They will not be graded. However, it will be a good preparation for you. Also, I will let you use them during test, if you solve them.) No other notes will be allowed during the test. 3. Study Infinite Series Flowchart. Subject roster: All infinite series convergence tests; Taylor-MacLaurin series: Writing the terms including the general term, substitution, differentiation, integration, manipulation, error term-Alternating series, La Grange, Initial Value Problems (9.8), and differential equations.

Due December 11: You are hard workers. I really appreciate you. Here is my little gift: no homework for Wednesday. See you on Wednesday!!!!   

Due December 16: BC Practice Test 1.pdf The final will be a timed test. So, please take it timed. 55 min(NO CALCULATOR)-1-28; 50 min - 76-92 (CALCULATOR OK). Please study your Barron's test #2. See you on Monday!!!!

Due January: 6: AP Calculus BC Winter Break Assignment.pdf:Please respect the calculator instructions. 

Due January 13: Please complete your integration package. We will review more on Monday. Wednesday: January 15 review test #1-Euler, integration methods, differential equations, logistic function and slope fields.

Due January 15: Complete your integration worksheet and  BC Differential equations January 15.pdf: Have Fun!!!!

Due January 22: We will meet for 2 hours today, since that will be our only meeting this week. Monday, no school as you know. BC differentiation rules review.pdf If necessary, I will schedule another meeting. It depends mostly on how you did on your last test.

Due January 27: BC Assignment due January 28.pdf(you have the copy of this one) and BC Assignment due January 27 part 2.pdf and corrections on the multiple choice assignment that you received back graded last class.

Due February 3: Area Volume review.pdf We will have a class on Monday and Thursday next week. 

Due February 7: No extra homework. Please finish the class worksheet completely on a separate sheet. We will have practice drills on Thursday for preparation for the area and volumes test next Monday.Remember: we meet this Thursday: 3-4:30

Due February 10 BC Volume-area review.pdf: This is an AB review of the concepts. On Monday, we have a drill and on Wednesday we have the test on areas and volumes.

Due February 12: No homework. Study all materials we did for areas and volumes for the test. We have a test on areas and volumes. 

Due February 13: Test on volumes and areas today.

Due February 18: BC Mock MC Test 1.pdf: You take it in one seating. Section A - no calc and section B- calc. Please time yourself.

Due February 24: velocity time analysis.pdf; Story Problems 4.pdf; BC Story Review 2.pdf;

Due March 10: BC Review test MC.pdf and Paranetric review packet.pdf: Please check your emails too.I sent the same attachments yesterday.

Due March 12: No Homework. Please bring your Barron's books with you.

Due March 17: Polar review BC.pdf: last page on it was given in class. I posted it for V. Multiple Choice review BC 1.pdf:No calculator unless specified. Please check your emails.

Due March 24: Please complete your worksheets given in class -last page all problems. Here is the NO CALCULATOR review assignment: Review of series convergence divergence and bc topics.pdf

Due March 26: Taylor Review 1.pdf and complete your class. worksheets  We have a quiz on Wednesday on series convergence, divergence and convergence intervals of power series.

Due April 3: Taylor review with no Lagrange.pdf:No calculator. I give no multiple choice this time. I want you to focus on Taylor series. We will have multiple drills on Wednesday. Remember: 3-5:30pm class. Enjoy your extended weekend!!!!! 

FINAL 1: APRIL 7-8 HERE IS A REVIEW OF CONCEPTS: BC Final review formulas.pdf

Due April 14: BC review due April 14.pdf: On a separate sheet please. 

Due April 28 BC Practice Test Easter.pdf: 1-28 no calculator 55 min; 76-92 calculator 50 min; Timed test. One seating. No distractions during the test. 2 answer sheets provided. First one: 1-28; second one: 76-92. I will use AP curve. Please be honest. Good luck!! and: Last BC Free Response Review.pdf yesss, the final one!!!!!!

 Due August 10: Read lesson 7.4 (pp354-360;focus on examples); page 361-364: 24,25,28,30,31,42,43,47-52 

Due August 11: Print out and complete:BC Exponential modeling review.pdf

Due August 13: pg373-374:32-34;  pg376: 1,2,4;

Due August 14: No Homework

Due August 18: pg 390-392: 3,5,12-16, 21-24, 31-36 

Due August 19: Page 400-401: 10, 34-36; 38, 39, 41; 52-55 No calculator except 54.

Due August 21: page 412-413: 39-42 (for these problems, just write the integral and do not evaluate); 45, 46, 50a, 65-68; and page 415: 1-3 [NO CALCULATOR except 65-67 and 1 on page 415]

Due August 24: Read lesson 8.5 (pp 423-429) and AP Calculus BC Assignment Due August 24.pdf

Due August 26: Page 429: 1-8, 10-11 

Due August 27: Page 430-432: 17a-c; 18, 21-23, 39

Due August 31: Please study for your chapter 8 test and work on your study guide.

Due September 2: Read lesson 11.1 (pp: 537-541). Copy the Parametric Differentiation formulas and Arc Length of a Parametrized Curve formula in your notebook. Page 541: Quick Review (11.1):  1-10

 Due September 9: Please print them out. Fraw the first page graphs on a graph paper.Parametric functions Assignment 1.pdf

Due Sptember 10: Complete your class worksheets. Page 553: 47-50 (47, 48, 49a, 50c-No calculator and 49b,c and 50a,b-Calculator OK) 

Due September 14: Page 553: 51,52, 55,56. Print out and complete: Parametric review 3 revised.pdf

Due September 15: Test om parametric functions-Study guide:Page 553: 47-52; 55, 56; Page 429-430: 5-9; 18; Page 437: 53-55;Page 376:1-4;Page 377: 5-24 

Polar graph paper.pdf: Please use this link to print polar graph papers.

Due September 17: Read page 555-556. Page 564: 1-4. Do not plot them.

Due September 18: Page 564-565:On polar graph paper: Graph 11, 12, and 44. Simply use the equations given in problems. Ignore the actual questions. Simply draw them by using r-theta tables. Also: 21-30 (all) 

Due September 22: Continue on your polar graph paper that you used on previous assignment: page 564: 15, 16, 19, 20; page 565: 39 (for this problem: find also the equation of tangent line at indicated points), 40-42

Due September 23: page 565: 43-47, 50 No calculator

Due September 25: Page 565-566: 55, 56, 63-66; Quick Quiz: 1 and page 568: 36, 38 (no calculator)

Due September 28: Page 565: 51-54; 60; Page 568: 53 - No calculator

Due September 30: Complete your class worksheets:  Polar Assignment calculus topics.pdf Calculator OK except problem 1 and where indicated.

Due October 5: Read lesson 9.1-pp439-444. page 445: Quick review: 7, 8 and Exercises: 4, 10, 12,13, 19-22, 45-48

Due October 6: Page 445: 31-40; 41,42,44

Due October 8:  Page 454-456: 9, 10, 17-22; 35, 36, 46,47

Due October 12: page 461-462: 12-28(evens), 29, 30; 49-51; page 471: 10-15;23,  41,43,44

Due October 13: page 474-475: 37-42; 55-57

Midterm (October 15): Chapter 7: pg 377-379: 11-24;59,61; Chapter 8: pg415: 1-4; pg429: 6-8; 18; Chapter 9: Page 474: 1-58; Parametric and polar functions test and quiz problems

Due October 20: Page 485-487: 11-20; 36, 42,43,48,50.52,60,68

Due October 29: Print out and complete: BC Review MC 1.pdf and Page 484: Exploration 2:1 and 2; Page 486-487: 54-60; 69, 70, 71

Due November 2: Page 484: Exploration 3: 1-5 (research what factorial means); Page 487: 63, 64 (look up example 4 on page 481), 72a-c

Due November 4: Please study your homework and I put more problems tomorrow for your quiz.

Due November 5: Please read lesson 10.2 Taylor series.

Due November 9: pg496-497: 15-21; 22a, 23a, 24a , 41, 42

Due November 10: No homework.  I see you tomorrow at 2:50pm.

Due November 12: Please complete your class worksheets.

Due November 16: Please complete your Taylor series Assignment 1 class handout.

Due November 17: Complete your differentiation and integration Taylor series worksheet.

Due November 19: page 496-497: 21(just 3rd order)-27 (all problems)

Due December 1: Page 515: 8-16; 29-36;38-43 (on all of these problems: check whether they are geometric series. If that's the case, check r; if not: nth term test; if all fails: ratio test) and print out and complete: BC Thanksgiving MC review.pdf

Due December 2: Page 515: 3,4,24, 26, 49,50

Due December 4: Page 528: 7-12;14-18 (use LCT, DCT, nth term lor geometric series)  

Due December 7:  Page 528-530: 19-21; 38-48(evens) (just find the interval of convergence and test the endpoints ; do not worry about absolute or conditional convergence);68-70;

Due December 9: Complete your class worksheet and print out and complete: Review of convergent sequences and series.pdf 2-20 evens only on a seperate sheet  (some of the questions are added sideways). We have a quiz today on convergence-divergence and power series interval of convergence and radius of convergence.

Due December 11: Complete all odd problems on your worksheet.

  FINAL EXAM ALERT:  Parametric and vector formulas and sequence tests.pdf; Final Topic roster: Basic AB concepts-limits, continuity, differentiation and anti-derivative concepts; BC concepts: Integration -net change, FTC, story problems, integration methods including partial fractions, by parts, usub, improper, slope fields, Euler,  differentiation equations, areas, volumes, population density, logistic growth, physics applications (8.5); sequences and infinite series convergence-divergence tests; convergence of power series, polar and parametric functions. Suggested problems for study guide: page 377-380: 11-32; 37-42; 67,68; Page 434-437: 1-5; 20-22, 53-55; page 474: 9-15; 31-46; 56-58; page 531-532: 1-9; 41-48; page 567-568: 9-12; 28-32;35-38;51-53; There will be 25 multiple choice; 3 free response and 4 short answer problems. MC: 100 points (25x4); FR: 30 points (3x10) and short answer: 20 pts (4x5 min)

Due January 5:  Please print out and complete: Taylor review with no Lagrange.pdf  ; Page 531-532: 9-14(parts a and b only for these 6 questions); 17-21; 43,44, 47-54

Due January 7: Taylor review 2.pdf

Due January 8: Complete your class worksheets.

Due January 12: Print out and complete: Lagrange Assignment 2.pdf Please use a seperate sheet for the problems on the second sheet.

Due January 13: Complete your class worksheets.

Due January 15: Complete your class worksheets. No extra homework.

Due January 19: Please print out and complete: Taylor Review for the test.pdf 

Due January 21: Please study Taylor series and infinite series concvepts. We have a test today.

Due January 22: Multiple choice portion of the test

Due January 26: Please print and complete: Limit review BC.pdf NO CALCULATOR!!!!!

Due January 27: Complete your second worksheet on limits given in class.

Due January 29: Complete your multiple choice worksheets.

Due February 1: BC differentiation rules review.pdf : 2-46(evens) + 2 free response problems

Due February 3: Complete the odd numbers on 2/1 assignment.

Due February 4: Print out and complete: BC Differentiation rules review Free Response.pdf and DO NOT FORGET YOUR TEXTBOOK ON FRIDAY!!!!!!!

Due February 8: Complete your class worksheets and Page 221: 45-48 and 52 on a graph paper.

Due February 10: Review Drill on limits, differentiation rules and curve sketching

Due February 11: No Homework.

Due February 16:Read lesson 5.6 on pp.250-255; page 256-259: 16,17,19, 21, 22, 25, 29, 38-42, Quick Quiz: 2  

Due February 17: Complete your class worksheets on related rates. 

Due February 19: Complete your class worksheets on related rates. We have a quiz on related rates and optimization problems.

Due February 22: Please print out and complete: Integration Review AB topics.pdf and Page 320-321: 27-32; 39-42

Due February 24: Page 377: 16-24 and page 474: 37,38,42, 44,45 

Due February 25: Complete your class worksheets.

Due March 7: Please print out and complete: BC Area Volume review.pdf and  Multiple Choice review BC 1.pdf:

Due March 8: Page 434-437: 1-5, 54,55 and Areas Volumes Review BC 2.pdf.: 2nd page:3,4, and 6 no calc. Free response problem on the back of the worksheet.All other problems calc OK. 

 Due March 10: Please complete your book-work for March 8 and complete your problems on your class worksheet.

Due March 11:We have midterm today. 

Due March 15: Print out and complete: Parametric review package.pdf It is a good idea to review your parametric formulas, that you have in your binders under parametric functions.

Due March 16: page 568:36,38, 49, 51-53

Due March 18:   Polar review BC.pdf: Please skip the first problem. Complete the rest.

Due March 21: Complete your March 18 assignment. Complete your class worksheets on polar functions. Print out and complete: Parametric review problems.pdf   

Due March 23: Print out:AP Calculus BC Sequences and series Part I.pdf and print out and complete (SKIP part p): Review of convergence and divergence of infinite series.pdf  For each series, determine whether it converges or diverges. To justify your conclusion, use an appropriate test. Review the tests on the first handout so that you can use them on the second handout.

Due April 5:  Taylor and Maclaurin Assignment 7.pdf:Please complete all free response questions on a separate page. Here is the NO CALCULATOR review assignment: Review of series convergence divergence and bc topics.pdf  Also, don't forget: Our first final is on April 5 and 6. Here is the study guide:BC revised Final Study Guide.pdf Print it out and study. 

 Due April 6: No Homework. Study for the final.Study topics for free response: Velocity concepts; polar, Area-Volume; Convergence-divergence tests, interval of convergence; FTC; curve sketching

Due April 8: Taylor review 8 with Lagrange and Alternating Series Bound.pdf: On a separate page. On the first page, use calculator only on problem 1. On second and third pages, you can use calculator only on problem 3a and 3b. 

Due April 11: Taylor Review 9.pdf:Please do all free response problems on a separate sheet. DO NOT SOLVE MULTIPLE CHOICE. JUST FREE RESPONSE!!!!

Due April 13: Print out and complete (1-10 no calc; 76-80 calc OK): BC MC review 1.pdf

Due April 14: We have a review test on series and sequences. No Homework. Please study. 

Due April 18: Please print out and complete: BC MC Review 2 no calculator.pdf and AP CALCULUS BC FREE RESPONSE MIXED REVIEW 1 nc.docx

Due April 19: Mixed review - Multiple choice and Free Response Mixed Drill. Don't forget your calculators.


 TUESDAY APRIL 26: 3:00-4:45 PM  

Due April 27: Print out and complete: BC MC review 3 no calculator.pdf

Due May 3: Print out and complete: BC review final.pdf and Integration review BC.pdf








Due 8/15: AP Calculus BC Assignment 1.pdf and textbook page 468-469: 9,10,34,37 extended to 8/17

Due 8/17: AP Calculus BC review 1.pdf AP Calculus BC review 2.pdf and textbook pg 654-655: 1,5,7,9

Due 8/19:pg660:1-9(odds)

Due 8/24: pg 666: #1

Due 8/29: Graph on polar paper pg673 - problems 1-6 (one per polar grid) . AP calculus review chain rule.doc >>>>Problem 9: use g(x) given in problem 7!!!!!

Due 8/31: Graphs page 673: 10-12;23-25

Due 9/23: Page 565: 21-26; 33-36

Due 9/26: Page 575: 21-37 (odds) and page 565: 39-46 all extended to 9/28

Due 9/28: Page 575: 22-30 (evens) and page 565: 47-53 (all)

Due 10/3: Book pg 590: 5-23 (odds) lesson 9.4 and AP Calculus BC Assignment due to October 3.pdf

Due 10/11: Please show all you work and work alone on it. AP Calculus BC Quiz on sequences and series.pdf

Due 10/17: AP Calculus BC Multiple Choice due October 17.pdf

Due 10/21: Page 604: 4-16(all)

Due 10/24: Page 604: 29-32;36-38;41-42 and AP Calculus BC assignment due to October 24.pdf

Due 10/31: Textbook pg 617: 1-8 (all-just write 3rd degree polynomials) and AP Calculus BC Review.pdf

Due 11/9: Textbook pg 617: 17-22; pg 627: 55-59; AP Calculus BC Assignment due November 9.pdf

Resources for Thanksgiving assignments: Parametric and vector formulas and sequence tests.pdf

Thanksgiving assignments (due November 28): You have 3 assignments.Your worksheet that you already received in class; AP Calculus BC Review Drill.pdf Show all your work. Please work individually. Use the formula sheet. ; AP Calculus BC Thanksgiving assignment - infinite series.pdf Use the sequence test table provided as resource. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Due November 30: AP Calculus BC Review Integration rules.pdf

Due December 12/2: AP Calculus BC Euler Method Assignment.pdf

Due January 2,2012: AP Calculus BC Integration Methods Review Assignment.pdf and AP Calculus BC Practice Test.pdf Test has two sections. Please time yourself for each section. You can use calculator for questions 29-45 only.

Due January 9,2012: Calculus BC Review 1 Differential equations.pdf

Due January 11,2012: AP Calculus BC Assignment due Wednesday January 11.pdf

Due January 23,2012: AP Calculus BC Assignment due Monday January 23.pdf

January 30: Test on differentiation concepts Study Barron's differentiation chapters 3 and 4. Solve problems on practice exercises on page 133-147 and 192-205. Focus on BC only problems!!!!!

Due February 1: BC integration review.pdf

Due February 2: pg 435: 30, 31, 36, 37, 40, 47, 48, 56, 59, 63-67 (all) pg 550: 4-12(evens) ; 25, 27, 29

Due February 6: Integration review BC.pdf

Due February 9: BC Area review.pdf

Due February 13: BC Volume review.pdf There are only 2 free response problems where calculators are not allowed. For all other problems including multiple choice problems, calculators are allowed. Volume formulas.pdf : A useful list of all formulas you need to know!!!!Print it out...

Due February 21: BC Practice test.pdf Finally, it worked!!!!Check your e-mails for extra credit assignment and instructions for this test.

Due March 12: For some reason, I cannot post it. Check your emails.

Due March 26: Review of convergent sequences and series.pdf

Due April 2: BC Taylor review package.pdf

Due April 3:BC Taylor review 2.pdf

Due August 11: AP Calculus BC Assignment due August 11.pdf:pp350-353: 2,3,6,7,10,12,13,24,27,38-41,1-3

Due August 13:AP calculus BC assignment due August 13.pdf: page 361:2-9  and finish your 5 problems given in class.

Due August 18: 6-22 (evens);31-34; 42,44

Due August 20: 8/18 HW extended. Test on chapter 7: Slope fields; Euler method; usub; algebraic manipulations; trigonometric substitution; integration by parts; partial fractions; logistic growth-know your formulas!!!!!

Due August 25::AP Calculus BC Review MC.pdf No calculator for review exercises.

Due August 27: Quiz on 8.1; page 390-392: 11-16; 19,20, 21 (calculator OK); 24 (calc ok for part c);29;33-35 (34 and 35 calc ok)

Due September 3: Page 400-401: 9,10,13,14,27, 28, 36-38; 41 a, b; 43;52-55 For each problem, sketch the region. No calculator except problem 54. Show all your steps.   

Due September 8: page 411-413: 24,26, 27, 28, 29, 30b, 31, 45, 46 , 67,68,  and page 415: 1-3, and 4a,b You can use calculator only on page 415 for problems 1 and 4. Please sketch the regions for the rest of the problems manually. Also, please study volumes with known cross-sections concept. Bring your formula sheets for cross-sections to class. 

Due September 15: page 410-411: 1-6; pg 420-421: 1-3; 6-7; 23-24; 34-37 + Arc length assignment.pdf. We have a quiz on Monday on area-volume-arc length. The class will be 2 hours: 3-5 pm

Due September 17: No homework


Test Chapter 8: 9/24 Wednesday

Due September 22: Page 429-433: 6, 7, 10,11, 18, 36-38;46-48; pg 433: 1-3; pg 435-436: 21(no calc);,  27, 29 , 36, 53; 54 (calc OK );

Due September 29: BC Review 1 and 2.pdf  Bring your binders to class on Monday. I will check them. Also, new TAB ALERT: Parametric Functions

Due October 1: page 541-542: 2-16 (evens) Do not sketch. 20-24 (do not sketch);27-29 (no calculator)

Due October 6:Page 553: 47-50;52 Complete your 2 class worksheets. We have a quiz on parametrics on Monday. 

Due October 8: Parametric Functions Assignment 2.pdf:Please pay attention to calculator instructions on top of the first page. Complete it on a separate sheet.

Due October 13: Parametric functions assignment 3.pdf:


Due October 22: Page 564-566: 2-10(evens); 21-30;  60 a,b,c;;65; and quick quiz: 2 and 3;  on a polar graph paper sketch the following by using appropriate tables: 1. r = 1 - cos (theta); 2. r = 1 + sin(theta); 3. r = -2 sin(theta); 4. r = 3 + 2cos(theta)

Resources: Polar graph paper.pdf: The angles go up by 15 degrees, but it's ok. Print it any time you sketch a polar graph or plot polar coordinates. Polar gallery.pdf: Make sure that you print it out and place it in your binder as the top page on polar function tab.

Due October 27: page 565: 44-48; 50, 52;54-59; 64 For each area problem, sketch the picture. Use graph paper.For Lyn only: Polar 11.3 slope and area concepts.pdf 

MIDTERM ALERT: 10/29 1:15PM-4:30PM

Due November 3: Polar Assignment calculus topics.pdf Calculator OK except problem 1 and where indicates. I will also post tomorrow a polar function formula worksheet.

TEST ALERT: Polar functions November 4 Tuesday

Due November 10: page 445-446: 20,22,32-39;41-43;53,54; page 455: 33-39

Due November 12: page 455: 42, 44-47;49,50; page 461: 14-30(evens); page 471: 12-17; 25-29 Make sure that bring your print-outs of lessons to class.

Due November 13: page 485: 11-16;18-20; page 528: 5-17

Due December 1:  1. Calculus BC Thanksgiving assignment.pdf:Just do the multiple choice. Do not print out the last 2 pages. Also problem 26, which is crossed out needs to be done. You skip the other crossed out problems. 2. Complete your class worksheets.  

Due December 8: Page 528-529: 7-17; 35-46;68-70

due December 15: BC MC Final review assignment.pdf: Please complete the review.

: FINAL EXAM ALERT: December 15:-1:30-4:30  1:30-2:30 review; 2:30-4:30  Parametric and vector formulas and sequence tests.pdf; Final Topic roster: Basic AB concepts-limits, continuity, differentiation and anti-derivative concepts; BC concepts: Integration -net change, FTC, story problems, integration methods including partial fractions, by parts, usub, improper, slope fields, Euler,  differentiation equations, areas, volumes, population density, logistic growth, physics applications (8.5); sequences and infinite series convergence-divergence tests; convergence of power series, polar and parametric functions. Suggested problems for study guide: page 377-380: 11-32; 37-42; 67,68; Page 434-437: 1-5; 20-22, 53-55; page 474: 9-15; 31-46; 56-58; page 531-532: 1-9; 41-48; page 567-568: 9-12; 28-32;35-38;51-53; There will be 25 multiple choice; 3 free response and 4 short answer problems. MC: 100 points (25x4); FR: 30 points (3x10) and short answer: 20 pts (4x5 min)

Due January 7 :1 BC Review Winter break.pdf: Please print out and complete. 2. Taylor Maclaurin Assignment 1.pdf: Please print out and complete. 

Due January 12: Taylor Maclaurin Assignment 2.pdf:Please print out and complete it. No extension will be given on this assignment. Due Monday!!!! We have a quiz on Taylor and MacLaurin on Wednesday, January 14.

Due January 14: Taylor Maclaurin differentiation integration worksheet.pdf

Due January 21: Taylor and Maclaurin Assignment 5.pdf: Please come to tutoring on Tuesday, January 20, for this homework. I will have a short class on Wednesday because I have to leave early that day. I will use the class time for concepts. Tuesday lunch or after school, tutoring is available.  

Due January 26:Taylor Maclaurin Review 6.pdf: Please skip Lagrange part c on free response last page.

Due February 2: Taylor and Maclaurin Assignment 7.pdf:Please complete all free response questions on a separate page.

Due February 4: Taylor review 8 with Lagrange and Alternating Series Bound.pdf: On a separate page. On the first page, use calculator only on problem 1. On second and third pages, you can use calculator only on problem 3a and 3b. 

Due February 9: Taylor Review 9.pdf:Please do all free response problems on a separate sheet. We have a quiz on Monday and test on Wednesday.   

Due February 11: We have a test on Taylor series and infinite series convergence and divergence. Page 528-530: 8-20(evens); 68-70; 73,74; AP Preparation 1-4

Due February 17: Page 532-534: 41-48; 55, 56, 59a, 60, 71-73

Due February 23: Parametric functions review 1.pdf Please print it out and complete. All answers must be written in the space provided. Please review your formulas. Monday, we will have a quiz and class drill on it. In case you need it, the formula sheet is posted for December 15-Final Alert post. 

Due February 25: Print out and complete: Parametric review 2.pdf

Due March 2: Print out and complete: Polar review assignment 1.pdf

Due March 4: Please complete your assignment given in class. We will have a quiz and a competition in class that day.

Due March 16: Please print out and complete your practice test: Retreat break Practice Test BC.pdf. Also complete your Polar calculus worksheet given in class. On Monday, we have another quiz. Please study your concepts.

Due March 23: Print out and complete: BC Differentiation review.pdf

Due March 25: BC Curve sketching review.pdf Print out and complete.

Due March 30: BC revised Final Study Guide.pdf and AP Final study guide problems.pdf: Print out both documents and complete the second one please.

Due April 13: Print out and complete: BC Easter Review MC and Free Response.pdf and  Please use a separate sheet to show your solutions: Integration review BC.pdf

Due April 15: Differential equation and story problems review.pdf; Also complete your integration worksheets. Due to time constraints, I will not use any time for integration worksheet in class. if you have questions, come tomorrow during lunch for integration review worksheet questions. Also, we will finish on Wednesday probably around 5:30. We have a drill and review to do.

Due April 20: Taylor Review 1.pdf (given in class) and  Taylor review with no Lagrange.pdf Please print them out and complete them. Please check out your emails for next week updates.

Due April 27: Please study your study guide formulas and past assessments. Complete your worksheets given in class. I will post on Monday your assignment for Wednesday...FINAL 2: Monday 12:00-1:45pm Tuesday 3:00-5:00 pm

Due April 29: Velocity review graphs.pdf Please print out and complete.

Due May 4: Please print out and complete: Last BC MC review.pdf and complete your free response worksheets.


 Due August 15: Read lesson 8.1; Page 390: 9-16;19,20

Due August 17: Page 390-392: 21,22, 31-36 

Due August 18: pg 391: 29-30 

Due August 19: Complete your class worksheet on population density. 

Due August 23: Page 399-400: 1-6,9, 10 (no calculator) and page 434:1-5 (you can use calculator).  

Due August 24: We have a quiz on 8.1 and complete your area handout. 

Due August 25: area workout.docx Print out and complete.

Due August 29: Read lesson 8.3 on pages 403-409; Page 410: Quick review 1-10; Exercises: 1 and 2 

Due August 30: Page 411-412: 9,12-15;22,24,39 

Due September 6: Page 411-413: no calculator: 31, 40, 45, 50,64, 68 and with calculator:49,65,66 and page 415(quick quiz for AP): 4 (calculator OK)

Due September 7: Page 411-412: 30, 36-38, 46, and quick quiz for AP on page 415: 1,2 (all problems no calculator except #1 on page 415.   

Due September 9:We have a quiz on Areas and Volumes.Complete your class worksheets and study your homework problems and class handouts.

Due September 12: Page 420-421:1-4, 8,9(sketch what you see on the calculator for part b. For these problems use calculator to answer part c); 17-18 (no calculator),24 (calc OK)

Due September 14: Page 420-421: 21,25,26,34-37 and complete your class worksheets.  

Due September 15: Page 429: 1-7,9-11 (Do integration manually and use calculator at the end to find the values) 

Due September 19: Page 430-432: 18, 23, 36-39; pg435-436: 32, 34

Due September 20: Page 436-437: 39,53,54 (Calculator OK) 


Due September 26: Read lesson 11.1: pp537-541. On a graph paper: Page 541: Quick Review 11.1:  1-10. Exercises: 1-5 ; 23,24,26  For 1-5: First eliminate the parameter and then graph it. NEW TAB ALERT: PARAMETRIC FUNCTIONS. NO CALCULATOR.

Due September 27: Please complete the graphs 1-10 with tables on the last page of the first worksheet on a graph paper. 

Due September 29: Complete your class worksheets. Page 541-543: 17-20,47-50 

Due September 30: Complete your class worksheets  on a separate page. 

Due October 4: Complete your class worksheets - Day 6. Page 553: 47,55-58 

OCTOBER 6: STUDY YOUR FORMULAS AND ASSIGNMENTS STARTING SEPTEMBER 26. HERE ARE THE FORMULAS: Parametric and vector formulas and sequence tests.pdf   Print out the first page only.  

October 11 : Read Page 555-564; Page 564: Quick Review 11.3: 1-4;6-10; Exercises: 1-6

October 12: Page 564: 11, 12 (on polar paper) ; 21-26; 28-30 

October 17: Page 564: 39,41,42,44 and page 568: 52,53.  

October 18:  Polar graph paper.pdf: and copy and paste the video link in your browser: (if this link does not work, go to youtube and search 'graphing polar equations with yosh'). On a polar paper: Graph the following problems by using the a/b method:  on page 565. Do not compute the areas. Just graph the given functions: 15, 43-45;47-50

October 19: We have a quiz on coordinate conversions, polar slope and graphing. Page 565: No calculator - 49, 50, 55-58,64.

Due October 21: No calculator: Page 565: 51-54,60b,c 

Due October 24: Polar Assignment calculus topics.pdf Calculator OK except question #3(indicated) and in #5 (where indicated)

Polar Function Test: October 26,2016

MIDTERM: October 28,2016 

Due October  31: Use this link to brush up your geometric series knowledge and complete the following worksheet: BC review of infinite geometric series.pdf  For the problems,where you need to find the sum, state that the series diverges, if the sum cannot be computed.

Due November 1: Page 445: 12-22(evens) Read page 440-442: Examples 3,4,5

Due November 4: page 445-446: 31-38,40-48,52-54 

Due November 7: Page 454-455: 2-12(evens); 13-16,49,50

Due November 9: We have a class drill on 9.2. Page 454-456: 18-26; 51,52, 59,64-67

Due November 10: page 461-462: 25-31;34-38; 48-51

Due November 14: Page 471-472: 14-17; 20,23,26, 29, 36, 46a-c; 51-53

Due November 15: Study for your Chapter 9 test.

 Due November 17: Page 485-486: 12-20(evens);21-24;50-51

Due November 28:Page 484-487: Exploration 2: 1-4; Exploration 3: 1-7;29-32; 54-59;68-71;72a-c No multiple choice worksheet. Happy Thanksgiving!!!! 

Due November 29: study for your class drill on 10.1

Due December 1: Read Lessson 10.2(pp488-495) Page 496: Quick Review 1-10.

Due December 2: Read lesson 10.2. Copy the table on page 495 in your notebooks.

Due December 5: Page 496-497: 10-12; 22,23, 27, 39,41,42





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