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Due 8/7/12:pg 125-Problems 39-47 For problems 43-46, write the functions and their derivatives in piecewise form and use the limits to complete the differentiablility analysis. and complete the 5 problems on Differentiability worksheet.pdf (Additional practice).

Due 8/10/12: pg135-136: 18,20,23-26, 48, 53-55, 58a, 59,60 Also read examples on pages 130-135.

Due 8/13: Complete yoiur 2 worksheets: AP Free response - MVT, IVT and multiple choice on Product and Quotient rules. Read lesson 3.3.

Due 8/15: Read lesson 3.3: Page 138-146; solve problems 2-6 (evens), 10,13, 21,22, 24 on pages 147-148. Complete the second worksheet. 

Due 8/20: Complete your AP package. Book: pg 157-158: 21-24;51,52 and pg 165-166: 61,62, 75,76,77a, and 80. Read lesson 3.6 pp168-174.

Due 8/21: Complete your implicit differentiation worksheet. Page 174-175: 18, 20, 35, 38, 44, 45, 48, 51

Due 8/27: Complete the class worksheets on implicit differentiation. Page195-198: 36, 41, 46, 47,50, 51, 59, 65, 72, 80 (no sketching),86, 87, 88. These problems are part of your study guide for your Chapter 3 test on Tuesday.

Due 8/30: Read lesson 4.1 on related rates.  Concept Development - Related Rates.doc 

Due 9/4: Page 206-208: 9, 13-18; 21-24, 29

Due 9/11: Complete the class worksheet. Read lesson 4.2. Study the examples. No calculator will be allowed for the two worksheets posted: Related Rates Practice Set.pdf andFirst derivative curve analysis.pdf

Due 9/12: page 217: 36, 38, 42, 44, 47, 49

Due 9/14: page 217 35,43,48,62; complete your worksheet; read lesson 4.3

Due 9/17: page 225: 13, 18, 19, and 22 on a separate graph paper.

Due 9/25: page 225-226: 35, 42, 46-50(evens), 67,68, 72-74

Due 10/2: page 242-243: 2,3,6,9,10, 12-17,22

Due 10/3: page 353-354: 36-48(evens), 54, 57, 58, 59, 74 (linearization means tangent line equation).

Due 10/5: Page 370-371: 19-26; 31-39; 71-76

Due 10/9: Complete your worksheet; pg 360: 31-34 (all) and this problem: Given: f(x) = 2x² + 3 and g(x) = inverse of f and x > 0. If g(5) = 1 find g'(5).

Due 10/12: Surprise!!!!NO HOMEWORK. Just bring your ln worksheets....

Due 10/16:AP Review Worksheet due October 16.pdf Last multiple choice page: calculator ok. Free response page: on a separate graph sheet. Complete your class worksheet. On multiple choice, show all your work. Study the review problems at the end of the Chapter 4 in your book.

Due October 22:AP Calculus Midterm review.pdf If you have any questions, come and see me on Thursday or Friday.

Due October 24: Read 4.7 PAGE 253-259; Page 263-264: Problems 2-18 (evens), 23-26; 43-45

Due October 30: Page 263-264: 29-34, 47-49; pg 309: 1-6, 9-14

Due November 6: We have a quiz on FTC (1st and 2nd) that day. Page 293: 45-48 (sketch the functions and use the areas between the curves and x-axis to evaluate the integrals), 63-67; Page 301: 5, 6, 19-22, 27 and 31 (compute average value algebraically for these 2 problems, do not graph them), page 309: 26-28 (use factoring analysis to determine the x-intercepts and the positive and negative intervals of the functions. Then, evaluate the multiple integrals, one for positive and one for negative intervals). Example: antiderivative of x² - x  between 0 and 3: x(x-1) = 0 so f(x)  = 0 at x = 0 and x = 1. The function negative between 0 and 1 (plug in x = 0.5, f(0.5) <0) and positive after 1. So: -antiderivative f(x) from 0 to 1 plus the antiderivative of f(x) from 1 to 3.Page 310-311: 41-44, 56, and 74.

Due November 12: Page 329-330:  16-28 (evens); 44-52 (evens); 58-61(all) and 63

Due November 15: Read lesson 6.4(pages 373-376). Page 377-378: 2-8 (evens); 13-17;25-28; 32-38(evens)

Due November 26:Calculus AB Thanksgiving 2012 assignment.pdf and  page 435: 34-58 (evens)

Due November 29 : Slope Field Assignment.pdf. Please complete problems 7-10 and last 2 problems on your worksheet.

Due December 4: Complete your free response problem and worksheets. We will have a quiz on integration concepts on Wednesday, the first half, and correct it on the second half of the class.  The integration concepts are all what we did on Chapter 5 and chapter 6.4: u-sub, power rule,areas under the curve, FTC-I and II,  trigonometric formulas, Riemann sums. Our test will be on Friday, December 7.

Due December 7: Read 7.1-Pages439-444; 1-15; 13-15-sketch the graphs of the functions manually before you calculate the area.NO CALCULATOR.

Due December 17: Pages 453-454: 11-14;29, 45c, 46c,47c, 48a


STUDY GUIDE FOR THE FINAL DUE 12/17: Barron's page 317-318: 1-13; Barron's PT #3 (starts on page 567)-Problems 1-44 (skip: 11,25,30) CONCEPTS: LIMITS, CONTINUITY, DIFFERENTIATION: CHAPTERS 3.1-3.6; 4.1-4.7, 5.1-5.6, 6.1-6.5, 7.1 KNOW ALL THE FORMULAS. ON MONDAY 17TH, WE WILL GO OVER THE BARRON'S TEST.

Due January 7,2013: AP Calculus AB Area Volume assignment 1.pdf and Page 454: 41, 42, 47 a, b, and d , 48 b, 49 b and c. Please add the textbook problems to the assignment due December 17. I will check them together. Please complete the handout problems on the handout. No separate sheet necessary for that one.

Due January 9,2013:  Area Volume 2.pdf

Due January 14,2013: Complete your worksheets. Test on Volumes and Areas: January 17

Due January 15,2013: Read lesson 7.3. The following problems: Just set-up. Do not solve. Page 460-462: 9-14, 23-26, 37b, 40 b,c; 46 (use only best method)

Due January 23,2013: Strategies for Word Problems Part I revised.doc (On a separate sheet-calculator OK) 

Due February 5,2013: AB Review differentiation.pdf, AP Calculus AB Story exploration Assignment.pdf     

Due February 6: No homework. You have a review drill today: no calculator, no notes, closed book, multiple choice drill. I post the homework for Friday on Thursday. Please study your integration and differentiation formulas.                

February 8: No homework. Multiple choice quiz and group challenge.

Due Febrary 11:  Story problems review for the test.pdf  Our test is on February 14. We will most likely need to continue the test after school that day.                                                                

 Due February 13: Story problems review 2.pdf

Due February 21: AP Limits and continuity review.pdf and Page 329-330: 51-56 Page 414: 13, 14, 22, 30, 40, 45, 47,48,50.

Due February 22AP Review strategy worksheet 1 Limits continuity differentiability MVT IVT EVT.pdf:

Due February 26: AP Derivative rules review assignment.pdf + pg 435 38-40; 55-58; 63-66

March 1: Review Test - Limits, continuity, derivative rules and formulas

March 11: Review of extrema.pdf: This assignment is a fill-in-the blank and true/false assignment. Please explain your reasoning when the statement is false in detail and correct the error. AP Calculus Practice Test.pdf  This test is a timed test. Please take the test in one seating. All times are indicated in the beginning of each section. No distractions during the test please.  Altogether: 3 hrs and 15 min.

March 13: AB Class drill March 13.pdf

Due March 14: AP Calculus First second derivative test mc review.pdf and AP first second derivative tests on ln and exponential functions.doc

Due March 18: Related Rates review.pdf

Review Drill: No optimization problems. First-second derivative tests, absolute min-max, MVT, IVT, differentiation techniques, Related Rates.Date: March 19

Due March 26: Multiple Choice review 1.pdf and the class integration handout.

Due March 27: Usub review.pdf

Due April 8 : Differential equations review AB.pdf  and Timed test please: Easter test AP AB.pdf 

Due April 15: AP Calculus Area Volume review.pdf Calculator instructions (in addition to the problems which are indicated): No calculator: Areas  1,2,4, 10, and 11 and Volumes: 3,4, and 6.  SKIP THE PROBLEM 7 ON AREA WORKSHEET.(Don't be too happy, you may have a surprise next week :)))))We have a review test next Friday (April 19).

Due April 16: Simply complete both AP Problems given in class. No extra homework.

Due April 18: AB Area Volume review.pdf. DO NOT FORGET YOUR BARRON'S BOOKS ON THURSDAY. 

Due April 24: : AP Multiple Choice review due April 24.pdf: Skip #26. Story review final.pdf DO NOT FORGET OUR REVIEW SESSION ON TUESDAY. 

Here is last week's EC key: AP AB EC Answer key.pdf

Due April 29 (lunch session): Velocity distance review.pdf

Due May 6: Please finish your investigations. I want elaborate solutions. Here are some revisions: #2(I) leave your f(x) in integral form. #4 Parts f and g are cancelled. Calculator is only allowed for problem #5: 5a, b, c no calculator. In part d, use calculator only to determine the maximum amount. For parts e, f, and g, you can use calculator. I will give on Monday some study guide problems that you will complete for Tuesday. I want you to focus on this assignment this weekend.  My dear seniors, I will see you on Monday, I really hope....

Due May 13: Page 515-516: 14, 18, 25, 28, 34, 36, 41, 45-48, 53-55

Due May 14: Page 522: 1,2, 5-10 (Read example 3 on page 519.)

Due May 16: pg 522:  11, 14, 17 ; page 553: 74, 75, 78;  Page 528: 13-19

Due May 22(I guess): Euler method.pdf

Due May 29: Page 550-551: 1, 3,4, 6,8-10, 15-18, 25-29, 63, 65, 67, 68, and 73. 

Due May 31: On Friday, we have a quiz on all concepts we covered since the AP exam: integration methods, Euler method and improper integration. Complete your worksheets on improper integrals. We have AP Calculus BC meeting after school.  

s-t and v-t graphs factsheet.pdf

AP Application Worksheet-chain rule final.doc

Class notes on Monday 9/27: mean value theorem.pdf

Class notes on 12/3: Riemann Sums.pdf

Class notes on 1/5: integration by substitution.pdf 

Due 8/9: pg 125: 39-44 and page 135: 2-16(evens) Read lesson 3.2 and write the product and quotient rules in your school notebook.

Due 8/12: pg 147: 2-10(evens) (extended to Tuesday 8/16)

Due 8/16: On a graph paper: page 148-149: 21,22,and 24

Due 8/19: Page 157 : 19,21-24

Due 8/24: Page 165: 53-55, 39,40,43,44 and without cqlculator: csc(2pi/3); cot(5pi/4); cos(7pi/6) and tan(5pi/6)

Due 8/29/2011: pg 195-198: 36,41,47,50,51,59,65 a,b,d, 71, 80 (don't graph)

Due 8/31: Page 174-175: 18-20;44-46

Due 9/12: Read lesson 6.1 (pages 347-353-in particular example 2). Solve problems 28-44 evens on page 353.

Due 9/22: Page 414- 1-4, 10,13,14,16

Due 9/23: AP Calculus Assignment due to September 23.pdf

Due 9/27: AP Calculus Homework due September 27.doc and complete your previous homework (AP Assignment due to Sept.23)

Due 10/3: Page 217- 63-66 and 73 Find increasing and decreasing intervals; absolute minimum and maximum

Due 10/4: Find the increasing-decreasing intervals and local max and min of the following functions:

f(x) = e^(2x)*x²; x: all reals

f(x) = x ln x x > 0 >>>>> updated due 10/6

f(x) = -2cos x - 2cos²x 0 < x < 2pi

f(x) = 5 tan x - 3 sec²x -pi/2 < x < pi/2

Due: 10/6-Page 225: Problems 18-20, 24

Due 10/11: AP Calculus Assignment due to October 11.doc GRAPH PAPER PLEASE...(Extended to Oct.17)

Due October 17,2011: Your class worksheet AP Calculus AB Class worksheet.pdf and for Kairos students: AP Calculus AB Class Assignment due October 17.pdf

Due October 18: Complete your class assignment

Due October 24: Page 206-207: 17, 18, 20, 23, only 24(extra credit)

Due October 27: 2,3,6,7,14-17 DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR BARRON'S BOOK TO CLASS!!!!

Due Monday 10/31: Please bring this portion of your test on Monday during zero period. Complete all your solutions on a separate sheet. You cannot help each other!!!! Circle the answers on your booklet and attach your solutions to the test. AP Calculus AB Chapter 4 Test Part 2.pdf

Due Monday 11/14: AP Calculus AB Assignment due to November 14.pdf and AP Calculus Riemann Sum Worksheet.xls

Due Monday 11/28: Read lesson 5.3. Focus on the table 5.3 and examples 1 and 2 on pages 295-296. Assignment: Page 300-301: 2-18 (evens) and page 309: 1-14 all

EXTRA CREDIT: For Multiple Choice, show all your work and don't try the problems I crossed out. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving with all your loved ones!!!!AP Calculus AB Extra Credit Assignment due November 28.pdf

Due Thursday 12/1: Page 301: 19-22 (remember: when you find the areas, all areas are positive, regardless whether they are below or above the x-axis. When you calculate the antiderivative, then areas below x-axis become negative. So, in these exercises, compute all areas as positive. See example 4 on page 297) Page 301: 28-32; page 310: 33, 39-44.

Due Friday 12/2: Page 319: 2-10(evens) and 20-22(all)

Due Wednesday 12/7: Page 329: 20-25; 43-45;50;55;64

Due Monday 12/12: On a separate sheet-takehome quiz: page 344- Problems 50-53 and 59-64; Page 311: 56 ; Page 312: 74

Due January 2,2012: AP Calculus AB Winter Break Assignment with Integration.pdf Show all your work on each question. Integration worksheet problems must be completed on a separate sheet.

Due January 6,2012: pg577: 2-8(evens); 16, 17, 23-27(odds); pg 371: 70-76(evens); pg 353: 40-48(evens)

Due January 10,2012: page 378: 35-40; 43-46

Due January 20,2012: Complete last 2 problems on the worksheet (parts a, b, c on each) Slope Field Class Worksheet.pdf

Due January 26,2012: AP Calculus AB Assignment free response.pdf and AP Calculus AB Assignment multiple choice.pdf Hints: Problem 30-find derivatives of both. Parallel tangent means same slope. So define Y1 as the derivative of the first function ,Y2 as the derivative of the second function and Y3 as Y1-Y2. Then graph Y3 only and find the zeros. Problem 90-Find the derivatives of each Roman numeral. For III use double angle formulas!!!!Remember: When you take the derivatives of each antiderivative, you should find sin x cos x, if that is the right antiderivative.

Due January 30,2012: Complete the attached worksheet. AP Calculus Assignment due to January 30 Monday.pdf

Due February 3,2012: Read Lesson 7.1 (pp 439-444) and Problems 1-7 on page 444.

Due February 8,2012: Page 445: 38-43(all); AP Calculus Area AP application.pdf

Due February 13,2012: Page 453: 1,4, 5, 8-14 For problems 9-14: sketch the graph (use calculator graphing only for 11, 13, and 14 (you should be able to graph the rest manually), determine the limits and integrate. Read the definition of the disk method and example 1 on pages 447-448.

Due February 14,2012: Just set-up the integrals: page 454: 41, 42,46-49 (all)

Due February 22: AB Review Practice test no calculator.pdf and page 508: 20, 21,22, and 24

Due February 24: Volumes with known crosssections.pdf

Due February 27: AP Calculus AB Assignment due to February 27.pdf I will post some hints for some of these problems here. Please check later tomorrow. You can use calculator. Good luck.

Due March 1: AP Calculus AB Story exploration Assignment.pdf

Due March 12: AP calculus AB Retreat break assignment.pdf PLEASE DO IT IN ONE SEATING. FIRST MULTIPLE CHOICE-NO CALCULATOR: 1-28 (55 MIN) ; SECOND MULTIPLE CHOICE-CALCULATOR: 29-45 (50 MIN); FREE RESPONSE part I: 1-3 45 MIN (1-3-CALCULATOR) and part 2: 4-6 45 MIN (NO CALCULATOR). Don't forget to finish your strategy worksheet and bring it to class on Monday!!!Have a happy Break!!!!

Due March 15: AB Story review due March 15.pdf

Due March 19: Review story problems and FTC.pdf

Due March 22: velocity-acceleration-displacement analysis.pdf

Due March 27:Tabular analysis.pdf ; Multiple Choice review 1.pdf

Due April 2: Complete your worksheets given last class and complete the attached worksheets. Show all your work. AP Calculus Analysis.pdf

Due April 5: AP Calculus Homework due April 5.doc

For Sanchez and Decastro only: Class Drill April 5.pdf (No calculator. Bring it complete on Saturday with you to SAT class). AP Multiple choice easter.pdf Timed test. Please time yourself and take it in one seating. First multiple choice section: 55 min and second multiple choice section: 50 min. More homework to come. Check the website and your emails. Test is due Tuesday April 17. Please also check your emails regarding the practice AP test dates.

AP Calculus Part II due April 17: Check your emails!!!!!

Extra credit project due April 24: There are some changes. Check the attachment: Project outline.doc We meet Monday April 23 at 3:00pm.

Due May 14: Read Lesson 7.3 Page 456-458. Focus only on vertical line rotations (Examples 1 and 3). Problems on page 460-461: 1,2,5,6,9-14,31, 38b, and 40 b,c

Due May 21: Complete your previous work and AP Calculus AB Assignment due Monday May 21.doc Show all your work.

Due June 1: Please solve the following antiderivatives: 1. x cos x 2. 1/(x² - 6x + 8) 3. x²e^(-x³) 4. (x+4)/(x²+5x - 6) 5. x sin(4x) 6. x² ln x 7. (e^x)(sin 2x) 8. x²e^(-x) There are 3 methods that you can use here: Integration by parts, u-sub, and integration by partial fractions. Also, A and B on partial fraction method can be fractions.

Due June 5: Page 528: 9-14 (all); pg 553: 81,82 Read lesson 8.6: page 542-549 and page 550: problems 3,4, 6, 8,15, 25, 27,28 Note: Problems 3, 27 and 28: use partial fractions method. MONDAY JUNE 4, PLEASE COME TO TUTORING FOR 8.6. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6, WE HAVE OUR TEST ON SHELL METHOD, ARC LENGTH, SURFACE AREA, AND INTEGRATION METHODS-USUB, PARTIAL FRACTIONS, BY PARTS, AND IMPROPER INTEGRALS. 

Review Test-February 14. Study all word problems we did last two weeks including the last homework problems that I graded and handed back to you. Also, solve the problems in the attached worksheet. Monday, I will do tutoring during lunch. Be present starting 11:30am. Study Guide Calculus Review test February 14.pdf

First AP Calculus Test - Dates: April 6 - Period 4 (first MC section-55 min), after school (2:15-3:05pm-50 min) and April 8: Whole class - free-response sections

 Second AP Calculus Test-Dates: April 19-Period 0 (first MC section 7:45-8:40 am-55 min), April 20-Period 0 (7:45-8:35am-50 min) and Period 4 and 35 min lunch - free-response sections.

Chapter 6 Test - January 23-Lessons 5.6, 6.1,6.2,6.3,6.4,6.5,6.6, 6.8,6.9 + second fundamental theorem of calculus     AP Calculus AB Study Guide Chapter 6 test.pdf


AP Calculus Homework Assignment for November15.doc 

AP Applications on Implicit Differentiation.doc,

 Due 9/23: AP Free Response Applications on Implicit Differentiation.doc

Due 8/5: AP Calculus AB Assignment 1.pdf

Due 8/9: Pg 109-11  16-26 evens; 44; 60-66(all)

 Due 8/11: Page 83-Writing 1,2 and Page 99: 17-24

Due 8/25: 2nd page of this attachment Understanding the meaning of derivatives.pdf and pg 125:41-46

Due 8/27: Page 124: #34; Page 135-36: 12-26(evens); 48, 54,62, 58a

Due 8/31: Read Lesson 3.3. Answer Problems 1,2, and 4 on page 151. The problems are listed under the rubric  "Writing for your own knowledge". You have to type your answers. It is a writing assessment. You can add manual graphs, if necessary.

 Due 9/2: Page 147-Problems 2-9

Due 9/8: Page 148-150: 22,24,35; page 196: 48-51

 Ap Calculus Homework due September 10.pdf

 AP Calculus Homework due September 13.pdf   Solve parts a,b, and c only!!!!!

Homework Due September 15: Page 157-158  Problems 2-8 (evens); 18-24(evens); and 48-52(evens)

Homework Due September 17: Page 165 Problems 3-10

Due September 21: Writing assessment (to be typed)-pg 168 problems 1 and 2;  numerical problems pg 174-14-20 (evens) and 42-46 (evens)

Due September 29:

1. Page 252-Problems 1-4

2. Problems 2-4 on linearization Worksheet linearization.pdf

3. Free Response AP Problem Parts a, b, and c  AP Calculus Free Response MVT Part a and b.pdf

      Please print out both handouts                   AP Calculus Free Response MVT Part c.pdf

 AP Calculus Assignment due to October 6.pdf

Homework due to October 8-extended to October 11: pg 206-207: 2, 9,15,16,21, 13, 14, 17,18,22,23

Homework Assignment:  AP Calculus Assignment due to October 15.pdf DO NOT DO THE LAST ONE (COFFEE POT). We will do in class. For Alden: AP Multiple choice Part 1.pdfAP Multiple choice Part 2.pdf

Homework due to October 20-Free response #3-Coffee Pot Problem; page 217: Problems 35-41(odds) and 55-60 all. Identify only critical points and classify them as local max or local min. Do not graph.

 Homework due October 29: Page 217-35,36,37,38,39,40,41,43 and 44. Just identify the x-ccordinates of local max and local min and the increasing and decreasing intervals after completing the first derivative test. Read lesson 4.3.

Homework due to November 2,2010: aP Calculus AB Assignment due to Tuesday November 2.pdf and on a separate sheet: pg 225-11, 13, 14, 18, 20,24  The attachment is for the 4 problems you started in class and turn it in with the remaining 6 problems. AP Calculus AB class assignment October 28.doc MAKE SURE THAT YOU LABEL ALL YOUR CRITICAL POINTS WITH THEIR COORDINATES ON YOUR GRAPHS!!!!!!! CHECK YOUR GRAPHS WITH YOUR CALCULATOR!!!!

Homework due November 4: AP Calculus Assignment due to November 4.pdf

Homework due 11/8: pg 353-354: 42-48;59-60 Also I will post here a Postassessment. You need to turn it in on Monday 11/9.POST-ASSESSMENT LESSONS 4.2 AND 4.3.doc 

Homework due 11/9: page 360-361: Problems 31-33; Page 370-371: 26-36 (evens); 70-76 (evens)

 Homework due 11/29: Read Lesson 4.5 (pages 234-241). Problems: 2,3,6,7,14

 Extra Credit-due November 29: AP Calculus Extra Credit Assignment.pdf Instructions: For free-response portion, only do the circled problems. For Multiple Choice, show all your work and don't try the problems I crossed out. Good luck and happy Thanksgiving with all your loved ones!!!!

Homework due 12/3: page 242-246: 2,3,6,7,9,14,15,16, 17,22,48

Homework due 12/6: Homework due 12/7: AP Calculus Riemann Sum-solve each problem with trapezoidal sums

Homework due 12/9: Pg263: 24-30(evens); pg 293: 43-46(all),64,65,67,68; pg 301: 8-18(evens); 27-31(all)

Winter Break homework and quiz: AP Calculus Winter Break Review Drill.pdf and AP Homework Assignment Winter Break.pdf Problems 78 and 81 EC

Due January 7: pg 329: 20-28(evens) and 41-45 (all)(extended to January 10)

Due January 10: pg 377-378: 4-8 (evens), 23-27(odds), 34-38(evens), 48-52(evens), 67-69 (all)

Due January 11: pg 408: 20-26

Due Jan 13: pg 414:5,13,27-30(all)

Due Jan 18: pg 393:14-24(evens)

Due Jan 21: pg 386 - 5, 6, 17, 22

 AP Calculus Homework due to January 25.pdf

Due January 31: review drill.pdf

 APCalculus HW due to Feb 7.pdf

 AP Calculus AB Assignment due to February 8.pdf

 AP Calculus AB Assignment due to February 18.pdf Hints: Problem 30-find derivatives of both. Parallel tangent means same slope. So define Y1 as the derivative of the first function ,Y2 as the derivative of the second function and Y3 as Y1-Y2. Then graph Y3 only and find the zeros. Problem 90-Find the derivatives of each Roman numeral. For III use double angle formulas!!!!Remember: When you take the derivatives of each antiderivative, you should find sin x cos x, if that is the right antiderivative.

 AP Calculus HW due to Feb 22.pdf Please also complete the 5 problems on your piecewise function worksheet. Show all your work with clear reasoning. Please complete both worksheets to the best of your ability on your own. 

 AP calculus Homework due to Thursday February 24 final.doc SHOW ALL YOUR WORK.

Due to  Feb 28: pg 444-445: 1-6(all) and 14-18 (evens) 

 AP Calculus HW due to March 2.doc

Spring Break assignment-due March 14: AP Calculus AB Spring Break Assignment.pdf Instructions: last question (question #4) on the volume reads as follows: Write, but do not evaluate, an integral expression that gives the volume of the solid generated when R is rotated about the horizontal line y = 8. For each volume problem, write the integrand and limits correctly. Use calculator for all questions #1 for finding the volume. On multiple choice problems, show ALL YOUR WORK. If you join the KAIROS retreat and will not be attending the class on Monday, March 14, then you need to bring your assignment earlier in the morning or email it to me after scanning your work by Sunday night (March 13). NO LATE ASSIGNMENT WILL BE ACCEPTED.  

Due March 17: Book problems-no calculator allowed. The first two problems-use calculator. Show all your work.AP Calculus AB Assignment due to March 17.pdf

Due March 21: AP Calculus AB Assignment due to March 21.pdf

Due March 23: AP Calculus AB Assignment due to March 23.pdf

Study guide for Area-Volume test: Study all the homework assignments-March 17,21,23, Spring Break.Study Problems from the textbook: Page 454-Problems 35-38, 41-49; Page 507-508: 13,14, 18-24

Due April 4: Complete your Slope Field Worksheets. Complete all problems on the worksheet: AP Calculus AB Assignment due to April 4.pdf.

Due April 11,2011: Complete all worksheets.Derivative-Antiderivative Review Worksheets.pdf

Due April 12,2011: Complete all worksheets.AP Calculus AB Assignment due to April 12.pdf

Due April 14,2011: AP Calculus AB Assignment due to April 14.pdf

Due April 18,2011: AP Calculus assignment due to April 18.pdf ; complete class worksheet with differential equation word problems. CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND THE CLASS ANNOUNCEMENTS (ABOVE) FOR IMPORTANT CLASS UPDATES NEXT WEEK.

Due May 2: Please solve all the problems on the attached worksheet. AP Calculus Easter break assignment.pdf CHECK YOUR EMAILS NEXT WEEK FOR OUR CLASS SCHEDULE DURING THE WEEK OF MAY 2.

Due May 12: Page 515-516: 2-5;9,11,14,35-36, 39-41

Due May 17: Page 516: 54,55 and page 522-523: 3-11 all

Due May 19: pg 522-10-18(evens) and 23-24

Due May 23: pg 460-461: 1,5,6,25,36 a,c, 38 b, and 40 b,c

Due May 25: pg 527-528: 4-16(evens)

Due May 31: page 527-528  problems 18-26(evens), 30, and 40

Due June 2: page 550 - 4,6,13,17,25

 Due August 7: Page 58-60: 2-16(evens);37;43-47;58;64,68,69;77, 97,98

Due August 8: Limit review.pdf No textbook problems...

Due August 12: AP Derivative review.pdf and complete your AP Continuity Review Worksheet 

Due August 15: Read lesson 3.1-Page 113-123. Part 1: Page 124-125: 22-24; 37-46. Use differentiation rules when you find derivatives. For 43-46:Write a piecewise function for the derivatives and then use left and right-hand limits to show that they are not differentiable at point P, i.e. if one-sided limits are not equal each other, then the function is not differentiable at that point.  

Due August 19: Writing assignment: You need to type. Page 125 (Writing for your own knowledge): 1-6; and page 135-136: 26 , 29, 34, 47,48, 53, 61 (of course, you don't need to type the problems)

Due August 22:velocity-acceleration-displacement analysis I AP.pdf and page 147: 2-10 (evens); 21, 22, and 24. Please pay attention: problem 22: the graph is s-t graph; not v-t. Also: 2-10(evens) and 21 were due August 20. They are simply extended.

Due August 23: pg 165: 4-10(evens); 35-38;59, 75-76, 77a, 78a, 79 e,f; 80 a,b,d,e

Due August 27: Chain rule differentiability v-t review.pdf  Please come during nutrition on Monday if you need tutoring on this assignment.

Due September 3: Labor Day AP velocity party assignment.pdf and complete your class worksheets. We have a quiz on Chapter 3 concepts - differentiability, chain rule, derivatives of trig. functions and v-a-x(t) on Tuesday, September 3.

Due September 4: Page 175: 36-48(evens) and 51 

Due September 9: Implicit differentiation worksheets.pdf: No extra homework. Complete your implicit differentiation worksheets.

Chapter 3 Test: September 12-limits, continuity, differentiation-chain rule, product and quotient rules, MVT,IVT, velocity,displacement, acceleration and implicit differentiation.

Due September 17:Please read the lesson 4.1. Concept Development - Related Rates.doc and Derivative review.pdf: use calculator only when it is allowed.

Due September 23: Page 206-207: 7,11,13,14,15,17,18,22 (extended) and your related rates worksheet

Due September 24:  Related Rates Practice Set.pdf 

Due September 30: Complete your class worksheet. Read lesson 4.2: Pages 209-215. (Read specifically the examples 6 and 7 on page 215-216). Page 217: 29-32;35-38; 63-66.

Due October 1: Critical points AP assignment 1.pdf

Due October 7: Page 225-226: 12,13,14, 25,46 , 52, 71-74; On a graph paper!!!!!!!

Due October 10: Extended Bookwork (HW due October 7); AP worksheet from last week (remember crossed out problems); The AP sketching worksheet given in class yesterday and AP Calculus Assignment due October 10.pdf; Have fun!!!!

Due October 14: AP Calculus AB assignment due October 14.pdf

Due October 16: Complete your AP worksheets.

Due October 22 or first day of the class: Extended AP worksheet and AP Calculus AB Assignment due to October 22.pdf

Due October 25: Read lesson 4.5-pp234-241; Page 242: 2,3,6-9, 13-15.

Due October 28: Midterm study guide; optimization problems extended to October 31; I post more problems.

Due October 31optimization problems 2.pdf  Please start today. Come to tutoring tomorrow lunch second half....

Due November 4: Finish your optimization problems - book and worksheet. Read your Riemann sum handout. Problems 2, and Additional Practice: 1 and 2. Read :Riemann Sum solved examples.pdf; Then solve:   Riemann Sum extra practice.pdf

Due November 5: AP Calculus AB Riemann Sum Assignment.doc

Due November 8: FTC Application 2.pdf

Due November 11: FTC Application 3.pdf

Due November 13 Read lesson 5.3 and 4.7 (page 254-255); page 300-301: 1-3;5,6 and page 262: 2,3,10,11,12

Due November 14: Finish your bookwork on 5.3 and 4.7. FTC Application 4.pdf: NO CALCULATOR.

Due November 16: pg 301: 7-12;16,17 and pg 309: 9-14 

Due November 20: Complete the worksheet given in class. page 309-310: 31-34 and page 301: 19-22 

Due November 21: page 310: 35-38(part b only) and 39-44; 55

Due December 2: Part 1-Bookwork: Page 320: 49-52;Page: 344: 41-43;51-54;71,72 Part 2Thanksgiving Part 2 Review including FTC.pdf and Part 3:Thanksgiving Part 3 trigonometry.pdf: HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!!!!

Due December 3: Read lesson 5.6 page 322-327 Examples 1-8; Page 329: 1-5 ; 17-25 (odds)  For 1-4: the book gave you the u-expression.)

Due December 5: Page 329-330: 16-24 (evens); 42 a, 44b, 49a, 50a, 51b, 52a, 54b,  58,60,64,65

Due December 6: Page 377-378: 2, 8, 15,16,27,36,38,41, 43, 48, We have a class drill on u-sub method!!!!

Due December 10: On page 377-378: 19, 26,28,33,34,35, 37,39,40,44,45,68,69 . Review the derivatives of log and exponential problems. Page 370-371: 20, 26,34,35,40, and page 353: 36-41,48

Due December 13: Differential Equations Part 2.doc and AP Multiple choice study guide for the final.pdf Please complete both assignments. We will correct first December 10 homework. Then, I will answer any questions about differential equations and collect both worksheets on differential equations. Then, we will continue our study guide activity and correct our multiple choice problems. Ohh, bad news: no notes on the final, after all, you need to know the formulas. Sorry, I changed my mind, because I want you really to study. Given, the number of activities that day, I will use 20 minutes of the nutrition too. 

Due December 16 AP Calculus AB Study Guide Assignment.pdf: Complete 1-54 for Monday lunch session. AP Calculus AB Formulas.pdf: Please print it out and place it in the beginning of your binders. After syllabus, I want to see these formula sheets in your binder. For Monday: bring your 2 differential equations worksheets; binders; Barron's-Practice Exam 1 starting page 519: 1-27.

Due January 6: AP Calculus AB Winter Break Assignment Part 1.pdf:given in class. AP Calculus AB Winter Break Assignment Part 2.pdf:Use calculator only where it is indicated.

Due January 7: Page 414: 10, 12-14,21,22; page 436: 106a,b; and: Let f be the function defined by                      f(x) = x³ -2x ;  g(x) = f -1(x) (inverse)and g(2) = 4. What is the value of g' (2)?

Due January 9: On your handout: Problems 1-6;16;17 b,c,d; 18 c,e

Due January 13: Integration test prep assignment.pdf  Test: 1/15

Due January 16: Read lesson 7.1 (pp: 439-444) and page 444-445: 1-7;10,11

Due January 17: Class notes: Area introduction.pdf  Assignment: AP Calculus Area AP application.pdf No calculator. Complete your bookwork on page 444-445.

Due January 21: Remember we meet on Tuesday 3-4pm!!!! Complete your area worksheets: Area Analysis.pdf:

Due January 22: Please complete your area worksheets multiple choice.

Due January 23:  Page 453: disk method 9-14; washers 25-28 Read example 5 on page 450

Due January 27:   Area Volume 2.pdf On Tuesday, January 28, after school class: we have a quiz on areas and volumes.

Due February 3: Complete your worksheet 'Special cases'. Complete: AB Area Volume review.pdf (skip 4,5, and 8).

Due February 4: No extra HW. Complete 'AB Area Volume review'. We have a drill tomorrow. Study your formulas.

Due February 10: Story problems assignment 1.pdf

Due February 11: Story Problems 2 revised.docx:

Due February 13: 1 worksheet - the one already given in class -Area Volume review. Tomorrow we have a class drill on double rates. Please study your class worksheets given after school on Tuesday. 

Due February 14: Story Problems 3 revised.pdf: Calculator OK

Due February 18-after school (3-4pm class)Calculus AB Assignment-MC review 1 due Tuesday January 18.pdf:

Due February 19: Story Problems 4.pdf

Due February 24: Motion assignment part 1.pdf:No calculator.   Motion assignment part 2.pdf: No calculator. Please disregard the class copy. Print out this one.   Motion assignment part 3.pdf: Follow the instructions on this page. 

Due March 10: AP Practice test AB.pdf: Story Problems review packet.pdf:

March 11: Story Problems Test

Due March 13:AP Limits and continuity review.pdf We start our formal review process for the AP Test.

Due March 18: AP Derivative rules review assignment.pdf We have a review drill on Tuesday on derivative rules, limits and continuity after school.

Due March 19: Review of critical points.pdf:This assignment is a fill-in-the blank and true/false assignment. Please explain your reasoning for each statement, when the statement is false in detail and correct the error. Use counterexamples to prove the statement wrong. Use a separate sheet for part 2-true/false assignment. If it is true, you just write 'true' with no explanation.  

Due March 21: Review of Critical Points updated.pdf: No other homework. Enjoy!!!!

Due March 25: Review of graphical analysis.pdf: I have given these worksheets in class. I simply crossed out one question - [part g]. You can see the revised copy there: Multiple Choice review 1 and concept review.pdf:. All multiple choice problems must be worked out on a separate sheet. No calculator. I also added a concept review for special intervals and critical points. On Tuesday, we will continue the review of tables, equations, special cases and curve sketching. As usual, we will have a class drill. 

Due April 1: AP Calculus AB MC Review 2.pdf: Please use a separate sheet to show your work. Circle your answers on the question booklet. Respect the calculator instructions. Use it only where its says: calculator permitted!!! Related Rates review.pdf:   Please show all your work on a separate sheet. Show all the steps. We have a review drill on differentiation concepts - curve sketching, first-second derivative tests, critical points, special intervals and related rates on Tuesday after school. 

Due April 3: Integration review.pdf: Given our upcoming final, we will meet during dinner on Thursday for review. I will let you know about the times.  

Due April 7: Here is your study guide: AP AB Final Study Guide.pdf: Print it out. Put it in front of your binder. There will be binder check on Monday!!!! 30 pts worth. Work on your binders over the weekend!!!!!!

Due April 9: Review of differential equations and slope fields.pdf:

Due April 10: No additional homework. Please complete April 9 Homework.

Due April 14: AP Calculus Area Volume review due April 14.pdf: Please follow the instructions. Sketching is really emphasized in this assignment.

Due April 16: AP Calculus Area Volume review.pdf: On first two pages, please complete problems 1-5, 7a,b,c, 8, 10, and 11. Please complete the third page completely. On the third page, volume mc problems, follow the calculator instructions-3,4,6 no calculator. Skip the last page.  

Due April 28: AB Easter MC Practice Test.pdf:1-28 no calculator 55 min; 76-92 calculator 50 min; Timed test. One seating. No distractions during the test. 2 answer sheets provided. First one: 1-28; second one: 76-92. I will use AP curve. Please be honest. Good luck!!! and AP Easter Free response review.pdf: Please use the space provided to answer each question. Calculator instructions are indicated on the top of the first page. 

Due May 12: No Homework!!!!You worked hard. Enjoy your weekend!!!!!!

Due May 13: Complete your class worksheet.

Due May 15: page 515-516: 6, 9, 14, 18, 25, 26, 27, 34-36, 41,48,54,55,64,72 You need to learn the antiderivative formulas of sec x and csc x.

Due May 16:  pg 528: 3, 5, 9-14; 27, 37

Due May 20: Integration Methods assignment.pdf: Don't forget to bring your assignment due May 16 with you. We have also a quiz on this day: Integration by parts, partial fractions and algebraic methods including u-sub.

Due May 22: No Homework

Due May 23: pg 550: 1-10; 27-30

Due May 28: Improper Integral Portfolio Assignment.pdf: Lyn and Hynna please come to tutoring on Tuesday 3:30 pm (not before because I have tutoring assignments)  

June 2: We have a test today. Integration Methods test includes logistic functions. Please complete your logistic function assignment.

 Due August 7: AP Calculus Limits review.pdf: 26, 31,34,44,50,55,58,63,71-76 

Due August 11AP Calculus AB Assignment due August 11.pdf: pages 84-86: 9,11-16;19-24;47-50, 58-59

Due August 12: Limit definition of derivative.pdf and read lesson 3.1 in your book; page 105: 13-16

Due August 14: Read lesson 3.2 in your book and page 114: quick review 1-8;  and Exercises: 5-10

Due August 18: pg 115: 39-41;44,45; pg 124-126: 16-18; 20,21, 23, 37,39-41;55-58;

August 19: Quiz on derivatives. Complete your derivative worksheet. Practice problems at the end of section 3.3.

Due August 21: Read lesson 3.4 (pages 127-132). Focus on examples 3,4, and 5. Page 136-139: 8,13,20,23,42-45 (all)

Due August 25: Read lesson 4.1 pp153-157. Page 158-160: 1-15; 21-25;72,73

 August 27: Quiz on chain rule. Please study problems from lesson 4.1.No extra homework.

August 28: page 136-139: 9-11; 19;21;37

Due September 3: Part 1: Velocity Assignment.pdf: Please print them out and complete them. Part 2: Page 146-147: 1-10; 13a,b and 14a,b ,21, 22 , 29, 30 , 46-49 No calculator 

Due September 4: Complete the first 2 pages of your position-velocity worksheet.

Due September 8: Complete the last two pages of your position-velocity worksheet and complete Chain rule function notation worksheet.pdf

Chapter 3 test will be on September 9th. Study: all sections of chapter 3; chain rule; differentiation of logarithmic and exponential functions.

Due September 11: Read lesson 4.2 pp162-167; Page 167: Quick review 6-8; 1-3; 9-10,13

Due September 15: page 167-169: 20-26; 47;49,;50a;56; 61-64  

Due September 16: Implicit differentiation MC Assignment.pdf: Please complete it. Also, complete your in-class AP assignment. We have a quiz on implicit differentiation tomorrow, 9/16.

Due September 18: Read lesson 4.3 pp170-173; Write down the formulas for arcsine, arctangent and arcsecant functions in your notebook. Page 175-176: 3, 4, 7, 14, 27-29;37-40

Due September 19: Read lesson 4.4 pp177-183; Write down all the formulas in your notebook. Page 183-184:  8-20 (evens); 30 (calculator OK); 31,32; 39-42;  59-62 

Due September 23: Page 184-187: 52 a,b , 53; 64, 66 a-d; 67 a-d; Quick Quiz : 1-4;  Page 188: 81 and complete Differentiation test review packet.pdf:  I moved the test to Wednesday. We will do review on Tuesday. On Wednesday, you may stay during lunch to finish the test. You cannot come after school.


Due September 26: Read Lesson 5.1 pp191-197; page 198: 1-13

Due September 29: IVT and MVT assignment.pdf: Page 199: 47-50; Page 208: 53-56 For 55 and 56 read page 202-205: Focus on examples 5 and 6

Due October 1: Complete your class worksheets on explorations. All curves are f' curves. In the case, if the zero of the function is not clear, use the equation of the function on top of the grid and your graphing calculator to determine the zeros.

Due October 2: Complete your class worksheets. Page 218-219: Quick review: 1, 2, 6-10 and Exercises 23 and 24.

Due October 6: Part 1: Page 219: 8-18 (evens); Part 2: AP Critical points and intervals application.pdf.QUIZ ALERT: We have a quiz on Monday on 5.1 and 5.2. Study all assignments, in particular MVT and IVT.

Due October 7: page 220-222: 33-38; 57-60 

Due October 9: Complete your worksheet. page 221: 45-48;51 and 52 All problems must be done on a graph paper.

Due October 15: page 246: 1-6; page 255-259: 11; 13-17; 19, 21, 22, ,24, 25

Due October 21 or 22: Complete your October 15 homework. Page 257-258: 28-35; and on a separate sheet: Related Rates Practice Set.pdf 

Due October 24: Related Rates review.pdf: Complete this worksheet and your class worksheets: Related rates AP Applications class worksheet.pdf

Due October 27: Please complete your study guides given in class. We meet at 12:40 pm (15 minutes before the first lunch bell) on Monday for the midterm.


Due October 30: Read lesson 6.2 - pp278-286; page 287: 13-22; 29-32

Due November 3:Part 1: AP Calculus AB Riemann Sum Assignment revised.pdf and Riemann Sums.pdf: On problem 1, make a table of values in [-2,2] for x and y. Your table should include for x : -2, -1.5,-1,-0.5,0, 0.5, 1,1.5,2. Use calculator to find the y-values. Then, compute the estimates in parts a-c. Part 2: Read page 285-example 5, then solve: page 287: 37-40; page 283: Exploration 1 : 1-6 

Due November 4: page 294-296: 2,5,6,15,16,20-26(evens), 27,28,47,48

Due November 6: Complete your class worksheet. Read lesson 6.5: 310-312 page 316-318: 2, 6, 7,8, 36, and Quick Quiz  #1 on page 319 

Due November 11: Complete your class worksheets: FTC 2(the one you were working on) and FTC 3. Copy the table (integration properties and formulas) in your notebook. Read the lesson 7.2 (pp336-341).  Page 342: 1-6

QUIZ ALERT: No homework due November 12; Please study for your FTC quiz.

November 14: page 342-343: 25, 27,29-41 Please pay attention on trigonometric identities: 1/cos x = sec x; 1/sin²x = csc²x etc.

November 21: Page 343: 53-66; 73-75

REVIEW DRILL ALERT: We will have a review drill on November 19 - books closed.

November 18: On Tuesday, November 18: you will have a drill on integration by using the rules and u-sub. You can work with a partner.

December 1: Part 1: page 306: 7-11; 15-18; page 331: 11-15;17,18,20; Part 2: Thanksgiving Part 2 Review including FTC.pdf

December 3: Complete your 2 worksheets: 2 and 3 on v-a worksheet and 'calculator wonders' worksheet

December 4: Just complete your slope fields. Do only the first page of your handout.

December 8: Page 332-334: 35-46;72-74; Complete your 'Visualizing Differential Equations' worksheet : problems 4-10. Complete the following worksheet on a separate sheet: differential equations practice set.pdf

December 11: AP Calculus AB Final 1st semester study guide.pdf: Please complete. Only 25 pages:)))))  

January 6: Print out and complete: AP Calculus Review Winter Break.pdf: Please follow the instructions.

January 8: Area introduction.pdf

January 9: Page 400-401: 9, 10, 14, 16, 17, 22, 24,31,33,34,38-no calculator. Use the strategies we learned today, i.e. y-integration, geometry, split area etc. and complete your worksheet. 

January 13: Please complete your 2 worksheets given in class: Special cases area.pdf  and Area MC.pdf: We have a quiz on Tuesday on areas.

January 14: Page 411:No Calculator:  7-9; 11-14;29b; 31a and page 413: 66 (calculator OK)

January 16: Page 411-413: 29 a, c, d; 31b, and c; 45, 46, 67,68 (No calculator for book problems) and Area Volume 2.pdf

January 20: Complete the Volume worksheet : Volume 3.pdf given in class. Read page 404: Example 1 and page 408: Example 7; Page 412-413: 39, 40b, 45, 46,50, 65

January 22: Volumes 4.pdf: Complete it on a separate sheet. 

January 23: You have today your test  on 'Areas and Volumes'. Here is your study guide: Area Volumes test study guide.pdf. No homework for Friday. Just study for the test.

January 27: We start the review process. Here is your first review package to be completed by this day :            AP Calculus Review 1.pdf:Please print it out and complete. No calculator.

January 28: Complete the tables worksheet.

January 30: Complete the class assignment : Story problems assignment

February 3: Complete your story assignment 3. Also, please print out and complete: Review WS2.pdf: Calculator instructions are on top of first and fourth pages.

February 4: Complete your story assignment given in class.

February 6: Complete your double rate assignment. I also forgot to collect your assignment due February 4. Bring that assignment to class. Read lesson 5.4 - pp223-230. Page 230-231: 1-10;page 437: 53,54 and page 323: 58

February 9: Review WS3.pdf: Print out and complete. Complete also the worksheet given in class :Story Problems 5.pdf 

February 11:Story Problems 6 special cases.pdf Print it out and complete. We have a quiz on Thursday.

February 12: We have a quiz on word problems today. Also, please complete your velocity worksheets today.

February 17:Motion problems short answer.pdf Please follow the instructions.  Review WS4.pdf: No calculator.

 February 18: page 390-391:  5-7, 10, 12-16, 19-24 Calculator instructions: You can use calculator only for 21-24 and complete your class worksheet.

February 20: Complete Velocity acceleration assignment review.pdf


February 25: Complete your piecewise worksheet and velocity review worksheet.

March 2:Please print them out and complete: Piecewise and implicit differentiation review.pdf and Review WS6.pdf

March 3: Complete your piecewise application worksheet: Piecewise applications.pdf We correct tomorrow also the piecewise velocity-acceleration-position worksheet. 

March 5: Erick: please print out and complete: Implicit differentiation review.pdf

March 6: No homework. Study for your quiz.

March 17: Please complete your practice test in one seating. Don't forget to mark your answers on the scantrons. Here is the test for class ditchers:Retreat break Practice Test AB.pdf and please print out and complete: Story Problems review packet.pdf Remember: we will have a second story test this week.

March 18: Critical points review 1.pdf Please print it out and complete. Make sure that you use a separate sheet for worksheet 2 with counterexamples. 

March 20: Please print out and complete: (given in class)

March 23:  AP Calculus First second derivative test mc review.pdf , and Review of graphical analysis.pdf,  Please print them out and complete them.

March 25: AB Curve sketching review 2.pdf (Given in class on Monday 3/23)

March 26: AP Related Rates review.pdf: Please print out and complete. Calculator OK for GC problems only!!!!

STUDY GUIDE: FINAL 1: Print out and study: Study Guide Final 1.pdf

 March 30: Area Volumes test study guide.pdf and AP Final study guide problems.pdf: Please print out both documents and complete the second one. You need to know the area-volume methods inside out!!!!!!

April 2: No homework; after this long final, you definitely deserved it!!!!!

April 13:Please print out and complete:AB Easter Review.pdf and  Integration review.pdf

April 15: Complete your differential equations worksheet:Differential equation review.pdf. Print out and complete:Slope field and differential equation review.pdf and page 343: 73-76; page 377: 39-42;

April 16: Please print out and complete:  Area Volume review assignment.pdf

April 20: Please print the assignment out and show all your work on a separate sheet. No work no credit: MC review integration emphasized.pdf

April 24: Motion Review 1 Tables and MC.pdf Please follow the calculator instructions on MC. First 4 MC, no calculator!!!! No calculator for free response. Calculator OK for the last 6 MC.

April 27: Please complete your Motion Review 2 worksheet for Monday. Please print out and place on top of your binders: FINAL STUDY GUIDE AB.pdf  MONDAY: BINDER CHECK

April 30: Please print out and complete: Velocity review graphs.pdf

May 4: Please print out and complete: Last MC AB Review.pdf;   2nd FTC review.pdf; and AP Easter Free response review.pdf: You can use calculator only for #5.

AP Calculus Final Review Answer Key:AP Calculus Review Sheet Answer Key.pdf

Due May 11: No Homework. Enjoy!!!!

Due May 12: TAB ALERT: Differential equations and Mathematical modeling; Use a new binder for BC. page 333: 52-58 (evens); 59,60;  page 342-343: 30-38(evens); 54-66(evens);76

Due May 14: page 350-351: 2-10(evens);18,20,36-40(all)

Due May 15: pg353: 1-4;  Read pp354-360; pg 361: 7, 8, 24, 26, 28, 31, 32 We have a quiz today.

Due May 19: Please complete your May 15 assignment. Also, page 364: 50-52; page 373: 2-16 (evens); page 376: 1-3; page 377: 39-42

Due May 20: pg 373-374: 23-25; 28, 29 (use partial fractions);, 33 and 34 (use the formula for P given in class) 

Due May 26: Chapter 7 Test!!!! Complete your class worksheet. Topics to study: slope fields, Euler method, differential equations, half-life, logarithmic models, integration methods: usub, by parts and partial fractions and logistic functions. 

Due May 27: No Homework!!!!

Due May 29: page 415: 1-4 (calculator ok for #1 and 4); pg 420-421: 6-10; 12, 17, 18, 34-37 (Calculator instructions: 6-10; and 34 OK; the other problems: no calculator!!!!!) 

Due June 3: Page 471: 4-8; 12, 13, 17; please print out and complete: Arc length free response.pdf: No calculator except where indicated and Arc length and integral review.pdf: No calculator

Due June 4: Complete your class worksheets and page 475: 56 and 57

Test on June 8: Concepts: Area/Volume/Arc length/Improper Integrals/Integration methods-by parts, partial fractions, u-sub, basic formulas; Slope field, differential equations, Euler, logistic, improper integrals-Suggested problems: Chapter 7 test; all assigned homework problems including multiple choice. Suggested study problems:pg 351: 38-41;  pg 374: 33, 34; pg 376: 1-4; pg 415: 1-4; pg 421: 34-37; pg 471: 5-14;

 Due August 10: Read lesson 2.1 (pp59-65); page 66-68: 8-14(evens); 26-34(evens); 43-48;55;58-64(evens)

Due August 11: Read lesson 2.2. pg 76-77: 2, 3, 5,6, 15-18; 61-64, 69,70 and quick quiz on page 77: 1-3, 4a-c

Due August 13: Page 84-85: 1-3, 7,9-12; 19-24

Due August 14: Page 85: 47-50; and complete your class worksheets: Continuity Test.pdf

Due August 18:Complete your class worksheet: IVT and Continuity Assignment.pdf and Limit review.pdf-Please print.

Due August 19: We have a test on limits and continuity concepts: Limits at finite points and infinity; continuity test; type of discontinuities; IVT

Due August 21: Read lessons 3.1 and 3.2. (pp99-104 and 109-113). pg114: 5-8 

Due August 24: Read lesson 2.4 (pp87-92) Page 92-93: 1-6 (part a only); 7 and page 107: 26-28

Due August 26: August 24 extended due today and complete your class worksheet. 

Due August 27: Read lesson 3.3 (pp116-123) and write down all 7 differentiation rules in your notebook. Study carefully the examples.

Due August 31: pg124: 1-6; 8-12(evens): horizontal tangent means slope equals zero; 18, 21, 23, 24

Due September 2: pg124-126: 15-17, 21, 57, 58; pg 146: 2-10(evens)

Due September 3: Page 124: 25,27,28, 37, 39-41

Due September 10: Page 146-151: 27-32; 46-49; Quick quiz: 1-3; Review exercises: 38, 42, 57, 59,68, 82 and print out and complete:AP Application Worksheet-chain rule and review.pdf

Due September 11: Page 158-159: 15, 16, 21-24,26,54, 55

Due September 15:Page 158-159: 17-19, 56, 58,72,73 

Due September 16: Page 167: 1,2,5-8 and study for your chain rule quiz. Quiz topic roster: product and quotient rules; differentiability on piecewise functions; tangent line equations; chain rule.

Due September 17: page 167: 10-26 (evens) and page 169: 61,63,64

Due September 21: Implicit differentiation applications.pdf

Due September 23: Page 169: 56; Page 188: 72,73, 79,80 We have a quiz on implicit differentiation on Wednesday.

Due September 25: Read lesson 4.4 on page 177-183.Write down all formulas (e^x, a^x, ln x, log x and rule 10) listed in the section in your notebook. Page 183: 1-6; 14-16. Make sure that both of your implicit assignments are complete.  

Due September 28: Page 183-184: 7-13; 18-21;39,42,49,50

Due September 30: Please complete your class worksheets. No extra bookwork.

Due October 1: Complete your class worksheets on limit definition of derivatives.

Due October 5: Please print out and complete: Derivative review.pdf  Check your emails too.

Due October 6: Study for your test.

Due October 8: Read lesson 5.1-pp191-197; pp198: 1-10

Due October 13: Complete your class worksheets. Page 198-199: 39, 47-49; 51a-c; 52

Due October 14: Complete your 10/13 assignment. Page 219: 1-3; 21-22 part a only; 23, 24

Due October 16: page 219-221: 6-8;10,12,13,16,39,40,57,59

Due October 20: Complete your October 16 assignments. Page 220-221: 45-48, 51 and please print out and complete: Curve sketching assignment.pdf

Due October 21: Print out and complete: Absolute max absolute min extreme value theorem.docx

Due October 29: Complete your MC class worksheets. Print out and complete: AP Calculus Curve Sketching Free Response.docx

Due November 2: Please print out and complete (4 pages): AP Calculus AB midterm study guide.pdf

Due November 5: Read lesson 5.4: pp223-230; page 230-231: 1a; 2, 5, 6, 7,10, 15

Due November 9: Complete your optinization problems due November 5. Print out and complete: Optimization and lineraization problems.pdf

Due November 10: Print out and complete: Concept Development - Related Rates.doc and read section 5.6: pp250-254;

Due November 12: page 255: 1-4, 7a-c, 8, 9a-c, 11

Due November 14: Page 256-257: 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 29. For each problem: clearly identify the given, the asked and write the model. Draw the figure whenever possible. Complete your class worksheets: Related rate type problems.pdf

Due November 15: We have a multiple choice drill on related rates. Complete your class worksheets.

Due November 17: Complete your class worksheets.

Due November 19: Complete the problems on your Riemann Sum worksheets.

Due December 1: Riemann Sum review.pdf: All problems on a seperate sheet please. Print out the worksheets please.; FTC 1.pdf: Print out and complete. ; Related Rates review.pdf: Print the problems out and last 3 problems on a seperate sheet please.

Due December 2: Complete your class worksheets.

Due December 4: Page 286-287: 8-12(evens); 13-20; 37, 43 and 44

Due December 7: Page 294-295: 1-3; 5, 6; 19-26, 29 (No calculator for any problem)Read lesson 6.3: pp289-294 and your class notes before you start)

Due December 9: Page 307: 46-48; 57, page 320: 15-20 and we have a quiz on FTC and Riemann Sums.

Due December 10: Complete just the class worksheet. We have a quiz on Riemann sums, integration properties(the problems on your worksheet) and areas.

FINAL STUDY GUIDES: AP Calculus AB Formulas.pdf: PLEASE PRINT IT OUT AND PLACE IT ON TOP OF YOUR BINDER. AB Final Study Guide PRACTICE PROBLEMS.pdf: Print out and complete. We will go over on Monday after class.

Due January 5: Page 295-296: 31-36;47-50 (calc OK for 49) ; Page 306-307: 2-16(evens); 27, 29-35, 38; Please print out and complete: Differentiation review.pdf and FTC review no calculator.pdf.

Due January 7: Print out and complete: Integration concepts review.pdf  and complete your bookwork that was due January 5.

Due January 8: Complete your class worksheets on FTC.

Due January 11: Please complete your assignment given in class today:Integration concepts review 2.pdf so that we can review them on Monday. I will post book problems on usub method on Monday for Tuesday class.Monday: 3:15-4:15pm 

Due January 12: page 342: 27, 29-34

Due January 13: page 343: 61-66

Due January 15: Complete your class worksheets and print out and complete: integration review with usub.pdf  USE A SEPARATE SHEET FOR YOUR SOLUTIONS.

Due January 19: Please complete your class worksheets, the ones from today:Integration methods activity indefinite integrals.pdf and yesterday. Also please print out and complete: Integration Review definite integrals.pdf

Due January 21: Study for your integration quiz. Print out and complete: Velocity Assignment 1.pdf

Due January 22: Please complete your class worksheets on velocity and speed: Velocity speed analysis.pdf  

Due January 25 (class after school - 3:15-4:15) : Complete your class worksheets:Velocity Assignment 2.pdf

Due January 26: Please complete your class worksheets.

Due January 28: Print out and complete: Velocity integration no calculator assignment.pdf. Also complete your class worksheets: Velocity no calculator assignment.pdf and complete your January 26 velocity review worksheet.

Due January 29: 2 worksheets due - no calc and velocity review

Due February 1: Page 331: 13,14, 16, 18-20; page 361: 1,2, 6,8, 9  Also, please do not forget our extra class after school.

Due February 3: Print out and complete: :Differential equation review.pdf.and study for your quiz on velocity concepts.Be careful on 6 and 7: antiderivative of dx/2-x = - ln abs(2-x)!!!!!!

Due February 4: On a graph paper: page 332: 30, 33,34; 35-40 use your book to graph the solution curves.; 41-46 and complete the slope fields for the graphs on your class worksheet for the intervals [-1,1] vs [-2,2].

Due February 8: Print out and complete:Velocity Review.pdf and Integration review.pdf( on a seperate sheet!!!!!!) and complete your classwork: Slope Field Classwork.pdf

Due February 9: We have a test on integration, velocity concepts, differential equations and slope fields.

Due February 11: Print out and complete: Area introduction.pdf

Due February 12: Please complete your introduction of areas worksheet with area setup and calculations. 

Due February 17: Complete your class worksheet (multiple choice) and  page 400: No calculator: 9,10, 16, 17,29,31,  36,38,40a,53,55 and Calculator Ok: 54

Due February 18: For each problem, sketch the region and simply write, but do not evaluate, the integral expression: Page411-413: 29, 31, 45,46- use washer for horizontal lines outside the region and shell method for vertical lines outside the region. Use disk method if the axis of rotation is the upper or lower boundary of the region.

Due February 22: Print out and complete (if you were not in class on Thursday) Area Volume Assignment 2.pdf 

Due February 23: Complete your class worksheets on cross-sections.We have a quiz today.

 Due February 25: Page 413-415: 65-68 (calc ok 65-67, no calc 68); Quick Quiz 1 (calc OK) and 2 (no calc) and complete your special case worksheets. 


Due March 7: We have a class after school:3:15-4:15 Print out and complete: Review Package differentiation rules.pdf

 Due March 8: Please complete your March 7 assignment.

 Due March 9: Complete the first four problems on: Strategies for Word Problems revised.pdf

Due March 11: Complete your Strategies for word problems worksheet.

Due March 14: Complete your class worksheets. Print out and complete: Story Problems 3 revised.pdf:  Calculator OK and Page 390-.392: 9,10, 12-16, 33-36 (calc OK for all of these problems except 12-16) 

Due March 16: Complete the back page of your class worksheets and print out and complete: AP Review MC 1.pdf (No calculator)

Due March 18: Work on your study guides for Story Problems. Print out and complete: AP Calculus MC review 2.pdf 

Due March 21: We have a test on story problems. Please complete your study guide package. Also, print out and complete (20 problems-6 pages): AP Review MC 3.pdf . We will correct it during extra class after school.

Due March 23: Please print out and complete: Curve sketching review.pdf Make sure that study the first two pages before you start the assignment.Also complete your review handout given in class after school.

Due March 24: curve sketching mc review.pdf now this assignment is due Monday, April 4.

Due April 4:(after school class) Print out and complete: MC AB Review 4.pdf . Also complete the review assignment given in class: Critical points and FTC review.pdf Do not forget: Our final is on April 5 and 6. here is the digital copy of the study guide given in class: AB Study guide final revised.pdf. Also, you need to bring the mc assignment we worked on Monday March 21 after school (the one with calculator)

Due April 6: No Homework. Study for the final. Study concepts: Story problems, velocity concepts, area-volume, slope field and differential equations, curve sketching and FTC

Due April 8: Please print out and complete: AP FR Review 1.pdf  Calculator instructions are indicated for each problem.

Due April 11: Please complete your class handouts on related rates and differential equations: Related Rates and Differential Equations review.pdf For related rates, please solve problems 7-9 on a seperate sheet. Also do not forget our extra class on monday after school.

Due April 13: Print out and complete: (1-10 no calc; 76-82 calc OK):AB MC Review 1.pdf

Due April 14: Complete the first page on slope fields activity and integration review handout. We have a short quiz on differential equations, slope fields and related rates. 

Due April 18: Print out and complete: AP Review MC 2.pdf (Calculator OK); Print out and read: Velocity concepts review.docx and print out and complete:Velocity concepts Review Worksheet.pdf

Due April 19: No Homework. Please study your area and volume formulas.

Due April 25: Please print out and complete these assignments to the best of your ability. We grade those in the beginning of the class. No calculator: AP Practice Problems.docx and calculator ok: Story review.pdf

FINAL 2: MONDAY APRIL 25:3:05-5:05 PM  TUESDAY APRIL 26: 3:00-4:45 PM 

Due May 2-after school class: Print out and complete: AP MC and free response review.pdf and complete your reflection worksheet on tables, IVT and MVT. 

Due May 4: velocity free response review.pdf 

Due May 11: Print out and complete:Euler -Assignment.pdf and page 333-334: 57-61; 71-74

Due May 12: Page 342-343: 32-50(evens); 60-66 evens) 

Due May 16: Page 350-351: 2-12(evens), 13, 17,18, 22, 24, 36-41 Also, I may give class drills in each class. Bring your books with you to each class.

Due May 17: Complete your class worksheet. 

Due May 19: Page 361-364: 5, 8, 10, 24,25, 27,28, 30, 43, 49,50,52 and page 373: 5,6,13 

Due May 20: page 373-375: 10-12; 16-18, 20,21,43

Due May 25:(May 24-Junior Retreat) Read Page 369-372; On a separate sheet: Page 369: Exploration 2 (all questions); Page 373: 23-32

Due May 31: Page 374-376: 34, 37, 38(skip the scatterplot parts)40-44; Quick Quiz 1-4; Page 379: 61(you need to derive it by using partial fractions.)

Due June 1: Page 471: 9,10, 12-19; We have a quiz on 7.4-7.5 Partial fractions and logistics. 

Due June 3: Page 471-472: 22-24; 35-37,39-41,43,44, 55 (no calculator for this assignment)

Due June 6: Study Guide: Page 377-379: 2-44(evens);52, 53,61,63 Page 474: 37-48; 54-56


 Due August 16: Read section 2.3 (pp78-84) ; page 84-85: 2,7,10-16; 19,20,22-26

Due August 17: Complete your class worksheets. 

Due August 19: Page 85: 41-44;47-50 

Due August 22: Complete your class worksheets on Continuity and Intermediate Value Theorem.

Due August 24: Page 86: 54-59;  Page 92: 1-4 We have a quiz on continuity and IVT.

Due August 25: Read lesson 2.4(pp87-92); Page 93: 9-11(a-c only for these 3 problems); 15, 19-20(part a only for these 2); 23,24. We will grade also August 24 assignment. 

 Due August 26: Page 93-94: 7 (estimate the coordinates of the points from the figure), 21-22 (part a only); 27-29;35a 

I have 2 postings here:

Due August 30: Page 77: Quick quiz for AP  1-4; Page 95: Quick Quiz for AP: 1-4; page 96-97: 1-10; 54

Study guide problems for the test due 8/30: Page 67: 41-46; 72-76; Page 76: 1-15; 56-65; Page 85: 23-30;47-50; Page 96-97: 15-25; 43-47 and your Summer AP Component test and Quiz on continuity and IVT.Test is on 8/31.

Due September 7 : Read lesson 3.1 on pages 99-104. Page 105-107: 1, 6,8,12-17, 21, 23-28 

Due September 8: Complete your September 7 assignment. Page 114: 5-10 

Due September 12: Page 124: 1-10, 13a, 16,29,37-40 

Due September 13: Page 115: 39b ; Page 124-126: 14b, 17, 21, 23-26,41,42,55,57 

Due September 15: Study the problems on 9/7,9/8,9/12, and 9/13 assignments. Also study your class worksheet on 9/13 and AP quick quiz problems 1-4 on page 126 (done in class). We have a quiz 3.1-3.3 on Thursday.  

Due September 16: Read lesson 3.4: Page 127-134

Due September 19: On a graph paper: Page 135-136: 2-4, 9-11,20a-c,21a-c,23,24  

Due September 21: Complete your September 19 worksheet and your class worksheets.

Due September 26: Page 146-147: 2-10(evens),15-16(a-c), 21,22, 27-31,46-49.  NO CALCULATOR FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT-no graphing required for 2-10.


Due September 27: Page 149-151: 59, 61-62, 68,82,83


Test on Chapter 3: September 28-Study all assignments starting September 7 all the way to September 27. 

Due September 30: Read lesson1 on page 153-157; Page 158-Exercises: 1-8

Due October 3: Page 158-160: 16-19, 21-24,56a-e, 58,72,73 

Due October 5:Print out and complete: Chain rule function notation worksheet.pdf SKIP 3 AND 4 ON THE SECOND PAGE WITH GRAPH AND 2,3,AND 6 ON THE LAST PAGE WITH TABLES. 

Due October 11 : Read Lesson 4.2(pp 162-167) Page 167-169: 1-8, 10-20(evens),61,64 

 Due October 13: Print and complete: AP Calculus Implicit Differentiation Practice Problems.pdf  NO CALCULATOR

Due October 14: Please read the section 4.3 on pages 170-174; Write down the formulas for the derivatives of arcsin u, arccos u, arctan u and arcsec u. Page 175: 1,4,7,12,13,23,27,28 

Due October 17: Page 175-176: 24,26,29b,c; 37-40; Page 185: 2 and 3

Due October 19: Complete your class worksheets on inverse and inverse trig. functions.

Due October 20: Complete your class worksheets:Limit definition of derivative revised.pdf and Page 183-184: No calculator: 4, 8, 14-22(evens); 30-32, 39,40, 51 (for question #51, read example 8 on page 182). Also we have a class drill on inverse and inverse trigonometric functions. 

Due October 24: Print out and complete: Differentiation review package.pdf and suggested problems: your last chapter test problems and Page 186-187: 1-20; 53, 54, 61,62


Due October 27: No Homework 

Due October 31: Complete your class assignment: First derivative curve analysis assignment.pdf and Exploration of f and derivatives.pdf Read lesson 5.1: page 191-197; Page 198: 1-10

Due November 1: Complete your class worksheets: Critical points and special intervals multiple choice.pdf 

Due November 4: Complete your class assignment: Critical points analysis FR.pdf Come to tutoring if you have any questions.

Due November 7: Complete your class worksheets. Page 220-221: 35: sketch this function by using the sketching guidelines; 39, 40, 42, 45-48; 51

Due November 8: No Homework. Study for your quiz.

Due November 10: Complete your sketching even function WS.

Due November 11: Page 231-232: 9, 10,17,26,27,33,55,56

Due November 14: Page 255-257: 2,3, 8, 11, 14, 19,29

Due November 16: Page 256: 16,17,24, 35,38-40

Due November 28: Page 260-264: 17,18,32, 36,46,57,58,60,62,70,71 and Page 222: Quick quiz 1-4  NO CALCULATOR FOR THE WHOLE ASSIGNMENT.

Due November 29: Please study for your test on chapter 5.

Due November 30: Read lesson 6.2-pp 278-286; Page 286-287: 1-8; 14-17

Due December 2: Complete the first page of your Riemann Sum worksheet. Complete your November 30 assignment. Page 287: 18,20, 37,39,40, 43,44

Due December 5: Complete the last page of Riemann Sum assignment. Calculator OK. Use a seperate sheet.













une 5: Page 333: 52-58(evens); Page 374-375: 41-44; Page 376: 3 and 4; Page 380: 67

May 24: Page 373-375: 6, 8, 11,12,14, 21, 22(long division for #8, 21-22), 43 Read example 2 on page 367-368. )

May 23: Class worksheet emailed on trig substitutions.

May 19:Integration methods-trigonometric substitutions

May 17: Page 350-351: Use tabular integration whenever applicable. 2, 6,10, 14, 20, 26, 38-41

May 16: Page 342-343: 33, 34, 44, 48-50, 58,66,68

May 1: Check your emails. You need to print out your attachment.

April 28: Correct B-portion of your final.

April 27: Complete all problems we started in your worksheet given today.

April 25: No Homework - FINAL DAY

April 24: Complete your Area-Volume and Related Rates Review WS

April 7: Please check your emails. Print out and complete your assignments.

April 4: Class Drill 

April 3: We have a review session after school. Please check your emails for the review package and study guide. You need to print both of them.

March 31: Complete your two worksheets.

March 29: Please complete your class worksheets 1-20. 

March 28: Please check your emails. Print out and complete your review assignment. 

March 24: Story Problems Test

March 21: Complete your class worksheet Story problems #3. 

March 20: Complete your class worksheet given in class. Calculator OK.

March 17: No Homework

March 15: Test on Areas and Volumes

Due March 14: Complete your class worksheet in special areas and we will grade the bookwork for March 13. 

Due March 13: Complete your class worksheets:Volumes with known cross-sections. Page 401: 52, 53, 55 (no calc for these 3); 54 (calc); Page 412-413: Write but do not evaluate an integral expression: 39, 45,46; No calc: 67,68; Calc OK: 65,66

Due March 9: Complete your class worksheets. Pita and JJ, pick the worksheet up on Wednesday from me. 

Due March 7: Complete your class worksheets on Areas - MC

Due March 6: Please complete your class workshet on areas. 

Due March 2: Read lesson 8.2: page 394-398; page 399: Quick review : 1-6(no calculator); 7-10(calculator OK)

Due February 28: We have a test on velocity concepts.

Due February 27: Complete your class worksheets on velocity review. 

Due February 24: Complete your class worksheet on velocity equations.

Due February 22: Complete your class worksheets on velocity tables and graphs. 

Due February 21: Complete your class worksheets on velocity: Velocity Assignment 1

Due February 16: No Homework

February 15: Integration Test

Due February 14: Complete your integration worksheet.

Due February 13: Please check your emails for your assignment. Integration test review package

Due February 9: Complete your class worksheets on slope fields. We have slope field competition.

Due February 7: Complete your second worksheet given in class. Page 332-334: 35-46; 59,60,61, 72-74

Due February 2: Complete the first 6 problems of your slope field worksheet.

Due February 1: Complete your class worksheets on differential equations MC.

Due January 30: Please complete your class worksheet on differential equations.

Due January 27: Page 331: 3, 6, 10, 19, 20; Page 361: 2,6, 8,9

Due January 25: Read page 325-326; Page 331: Quick Review 1-12

Due January 24: No Homework. Study for integration quiz.

Due January 23: Please complete all integrals that can be done with methods 1, 2,3, or 5 on a separate sheet. Page 377: 1-8

Due January 19: page 343: 41,42,44, 53-56;62,65,66

Due January 18: Page 342-343: 2-6; 18, 27,29-32;34,36, 40  and we have a review session on Tuesday january 17: 3-4pm!!!!!

Due January 12: Page 306-308: 8-15; 57,58

Due January 9: FTC Review Assignment for Winter Break

December 20: FINAL exam

Final Study Guide: AP Calculus Formula Sheet

December 16: Complete your FTC worksheet given in class all 3 free response problems.We have the second part of our extra credit today.

December 14: No Assignment - First EC Review session-closed book-study the rules.

December 13: Quiz on Riemann Sums, Integration Rules and Areas

December 12: Print out and complete: Integration Rules Assignment and  (for problems 27-29: review sections 4.3 and 4.4 formulas); Quick Quiz 1,2

December 8: Page 294-295: 2-6


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